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nglccNY Biz of the Month: New Queer Order Enterprises Inc.

This July,  nglccNY  is proud to spotlight New Queer Order Enterprises  as our next featured Biz of the Month! We spoke with founders  Aaron Musgrove-Lecours, Bee Jordan, Felicia Misale, Gerson Leon, and Kamryn Jerrel to learn more about their entrepreneurial journeys and experiences running a queer-owned business: What is your business? We are a queer-owned and run cooperative that offers media platforms such as podcasting, internet radio and other vehicles for the least represented voices of the queer community.  We seek to create economic opportunities through creativity and employment.  We are a diverse organization representing disenfranchised parts of the queer community. We are looking to create real change in the community with the least amount of privilege through economic advancement and media representation.  What is unique about your business? We are a queer cooperative that concentrates on business opportunities in creative platforms and artistic projects that looks to cre