nglccNY Biz of the Month: Home Grown Meals LLC

This June, nglccNY is proud to spotlight Home Grown Meals as our next featured Biz of the Month! We spoke with founder Sean Patrick Gallagher about the philosophy behind his business and what it means to him to be an LGBTQ+ entrepreneur, especially during Pride Month. Read our full interview below: 

What is your business?

I own a small farm-to-table private chef service based in Williamsburg, NYC. I prepare day-of private events in clients' homes. I started Home Grown Meals last May as an answer to entertaining in a time of Covid. You can have a super high end luxury meal and service in the comfort of your own home with the freshest meal prepared for you with handpicked ingredients. Reception has been incredible and I've had a laundry list of millionaires, celebrities, and billionaires who have hired me for their special events. 

What is unique about your business?

I handpick the highest quality ingredients and put together a luxury experience in a client's home. I provide staffing, design, rentals, and collaborate to create a very unique "white glove" experience that is hard to come by. I travel throughout the US for client's needs as well as internationally. I have cooked in Italy, France, Turkey, India, and the Philippines. 

What does it mean to you to be an LGBTQ+ entrepreneur?

When I made a decision very young to cook for a living... I was scared. The people I interacted with were not LGBTQ+ friendly, and I didn't work with others like me. I have always wanted to create a safe space for like minded people who can creatively work together to make beautiful food. I make a conscious effort to always hire fellow LGBTQ+ workforce for my events as well as women, minority communities, and people of color. There has always been a stigma about the "straight angry white macho male chef" who runs a kitchen, and I've done everything to dismantle that persona. I lead with kindness, and approach running a kitchen as both a teacher and a student. Chefs need to realize that you are always a student and learn more everyday, so ego needs to be checked at the door. These are some of the many reasons in why I am so passionate about what I am able to do on a daily basis and proud to be an LGBTQ+ entrepreneur.

How has being a Certified LGBTBE® impacted your business? Why did you join nglccNY?

I love being able to share that I am a queer small business owner and joined the nglccNY to be able to connect with others within the community not only for future business opportunities but also to help be an advocate and aide others in the community. 

What is your favorite part about the nglccNY community?

I love how vastly different all associates and businesses are; the community contains members from all sectors of the workforce. I've really enjoyed meeting members and chatting about everyones goals, it seems the common denominator is that we're all moving forward towards our dreams/success.


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