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nglccNY Biz of the Month: 360 Magazine

This May, nglccNY is proud to spotlight 360 MAGAZINE as our second nglccNY Biz of the Month! We spoke with Vaughn Lowery (he/him/his) about 360 MAGAZINE'S services and what makes his business unique. Read our Q&A with Lowery below: What is your business? 360 MAGAZINE is an award-winning international publishing popular culture and design. We showcase state-of-the-art brands, entities and trends to creators of global tastes within their respective communities. Our founding members possess more than 30 years of collective experience both as notable talent and uber-professionals in the fields of art, music, fashion, auto, travel, spirits and entertainment. We are not just journalists, but represent an advocacy and social change movement. What is unique about your business? In 2009, we came up with an organization that embraced POC, women and the LGBTQIA+ community. Our mission was to extend the microphone to their once unheard-of voices. To date, the platform has continued to