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Nonprofit Spotlight: Alice Austen House

The first time Victoria Munro visited the Alice Austen House, nearly two decades ago for a self-guided tour, she left the museum not knowing that Alice Austen was a lesbian. The museum was a charming building, set with antique furniture, but the appeal ended there. Fast forward to present day, Victoria Munro now serves as the Executive Director, the first lesbian woman to do so, ensuring that the history of Alice Austen is an accurate one, with a narrative that is representative of Austen’s work and her life. Alice Austen was a Victorian woman born in 1866. Abandoned by her father at an early age, Austen soon moved into her grandparents’ house, which is the house we now know as the Alice Austen House located in Staten Island, New York. Austen lived in the house with several adult relatives, including her mother and uncles, allowing her the autonomy to pursue whatever interests came her way. An early photographer, she was given her first camera at the age of ten by her Uncle Oswald, and