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He Is “The Gay Leadership Dude®”

Whether you know him as Steven R. Yacovelli, Ed.D., Dr. Steve, “The Gay Leadership Dude®,” or just Steve, if you’ve ever met him, you’ll remember him for a long time to come. Steve has that kind of positive energy, coupled with incredible experience and wisdom that he wants to share with you and with the world.  Photo Credit: Steven Yacovelli Steve began his career in software training with adults back in the pre-Windows days of DOS. This was the beginning of his learning how to communicate with adults. After earning a Master’s in Educational Policy and Leadership Development, he joined Disney Cruise Line, working in the areas of leadership, diversity, and inclusion. While at Disney, Steve also started a “side hustle,” TopDog Learning Group in 2002. TopDog remained in the background until shortly after he was laid off. In 2008, Steve went full-time with TopDog and has never looked back. Today, he and his “TopDoggers” (Steve’s affiliates) serve a global marketplace in the areas of lead