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Member Spotlight: Mary Blanchett, Registered Representative/Agent, New York Life Insurance Company, offering securities through NYLIFE Securities LLC

By Carolyn M. Brown Mary Blanchett has always been driven by a passion and purpose in life to help other people. Right out of high school, during college and beyond she went to work in the long-term care industry where she eventually became a nursing home administrator.  “I really loved what I did, but the rules kept on changing, making it harder to do good work,” she recalls. “The nursing homes and home care were less and less not-for-profit and more and more for-profit. So, it was a good time to leave back in ’09.” After spending 27 years in the field, she shifted gears for a career in financial services at the urging of an acquaintance who suggested she help people towards their retirement, so that they don't have to end up in nursing homes. That advice resonated with Blanchett, who had been telling elderly residents to talk to lawyers and advisors about trusts and other financial matters to best secure their money.  It was through the NGLCC that Blanchett set her sights on New

Long Island Spotlight: WAVES Hair Salon

Long Island nglccNY members had just begun to build networking momentum when the COVID crisis came along and halted in-person M3s.  nglccNY Chair of Media and Communications Cindi Creager recently caught up with one of those members, Freddy Mattera, owner of WAVES Hair Salon to see how his business is doing and ask about his future plans to collaborate with the Chamber. ** Cindi : How long have you been in business? Freddy :  Fourteen years as the owner. I moved twice.  I had a small salon with eight stations in Smithtown. And then, I decided to make it larger and built a 4,000 square foot salon with 26 stations, a full spa, eight color stations, eight hair sinks and eleven color bar stations. 5 years ago I purchased another Salon in Sayville with hopes of making a chain.  Photo credit: WAVES Salon Then COVID hit while I was paying $16,000 a month in rent for that second space. When you're a hair salon and there are no weddings, there’s no traveling, and nothing going on, you real