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Fourth Round Biz Pitch Winner! Braxton Fleming, Founder & CEO of Stealth Bros & Co.

 On October 22nd, Braxton Fleming received top honors in the fourth round of nglccNY’s Biz Pitch, sponsored by EY. Braxton is the owner of Stealth Bros & Co. , a New Jersey based “luxury Dopp Kit supply company that provides travel and at home personal storage for hormone replacement therapy and other medical necessities.” The company was launched in 2017 from Braxton’s childhood home “to raise money for his own top surgery and to create a way to become an an active member of the transgender community.” Out of that drive he says “we created an Annual Stealth Bros Support Fund by aiding in financial support in our community's transitional journeys. Today, Stealth Bros. and Co. continues to grow and serve the transgender and allied communities, as well as IVF and diabetic communities, among others.” Braxton reacted enthusiastically to winning this round of the Biz Pitch saying, “I was really excited because I've been putting so much into the business… trying to network more a

November Ambassador of the Month — Michael Venturiello

We’re extremely happy to announce that Michael Venturiello has been named nglccNY’s Ambassador of the Month for November. Michael is a local historian, writer, educator, and New York City tour guide. He is the founder of Christopher Street Tours, an LGBTQ owned and operated walking tour company that focuses solely on LGBTQ history. "When I first joined nglccNY, I was a brand new entrepreneur with lots of questions and little business experience,” he said. “At my very first M3, I immediately found a community of other entrepreneurs and other LGBTQ businesses. Since then, I refer to nglccNY as my LGBTQ business family. nglccNY has given me so much: a community, mentors, friends, and lots of advice on how to grow my business. I'm so grateful to the Chamber for everything it's provided for me!” Michael says he became an Ambassador “to give back to the LGBTQ business community.” He added:  “I was so grateful for my own Ambassador and for other Chamber friends who connecting me

nglccNY Member Brian Gorman Set for TEDx Talk in December

 nglccNY is thrilled to share news that member Brian Gorman has been selected to deliver remarks at #Redefine 2020, “a unique interactive virtual program” set for December 6th and organized by TEDx Hartford. Brian is a revered and sought-after Certified Professional Coach who has helped numerous individuals and businesses navigate change and find success. He is also a member of the Forbes Coaches Council, among his many credentials. His TEDx talk will focus on “a universal path to navigating change on the individual level in times of transition and transformation.” nglccNY’s Media & Communications Chair Cindi Creager had a chance to speak with Brian about his upcoming TEDx talk. Read the Q & A below. ** Cindi : How did your upcoming TEDx Talk come about? Brian :  It was a somewhat random connection on LinkedIn over the holidays last year. The individual I connected with often coaches people on preparing for TED and TEDx talks and has done several TEDx talks himself. We just hit

Supplier Spotlight: Michael Saterman, Saterman Connect

This year has been complex for many of us, personally and professionally. Amidst a global pandemic and social injustice, people and businesses alike are struggling. What does this cultural moment mean for organizations, teams, and leaders? What will companies do to embrace cultural transformation, support their people, and drive their businesses to meet today’s needs?? To answer those questions, we met with Michael Saterman of Saterman Connect, nglccNY’s newest Silver Member. Founded in 2019 by husbands Josh and Michael, Saterman Connect is “a team of natural, instinctive collaborators with a deep-rooted passion for culture change.” Along with their newest partner, Nettie Nitzberg, they believe that many organizations are on a cultural journey, and “Saterman Connect empowers organizations to recognize ongoing cultural transformations happening in their business, move beyond ‘the way we’ve always done it,’ and evolve on their own terms.” Saterman Connect knows that Diversity, Equity, In