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Third Round Biz Pitch Winner! David Suk, CEO & Co-Founder of Saint Luna

David Suk, CEO and Co-founder of  Saint Luna On September 30th David Suk was crowned the winner in the third round of nglccNY’s Biz Pitch, sponsored by EY. David is the CEO and Co-founder of Saint Luna.  “Saint Luna is a charcoal filtered moonshine that's made with molasses and rye. The flavor notes include a nice bit of subtle smokiness from the charred oak that we use,” he said. “I like to talk about the front of the palette being that molasses. And the caramel flavors that you get pair really well with the spicy pepperiness of the rye that tends to hit the back of the palette. Normally when I do these kinds of presentations, I usually know what people's favorite cocktails are so I can guide them through making their favorite cocktail with Saint Luna. I think it makes it a little bit more identifiable and a little bit more personal.”  David says he enjoyed the Biz Pitch experience because “I always love new opportunities to pitch my brand. Everybody was super friendly and the

Member Spotlight: Alexis McSween leads her firm Bottom Line Construction & Development, LLC with Grit & Grace

Alexis McSween,  founder and CEO of Bottom Line Construction & Development, LLC  Alexis McSween has under her belt eighteen years of practical and formal experience in construction and real estate development. As the founder and CEO of the New York-based Bottom Line Construction & Development, LLC (BLCD), she has worked on several permitted construction and development projects involving, design, renovations, structural work, carpentry, partitions, plumbing and electrical. BLCD is a fully licensed and insured firm, with offices in Harlem and Queens, and is also 100% woman-, LGBT- and minority-owned and operated. Alexis prides herself in being a community-oriented firm, promoting a company culture based on perseverance, teamwork, and successful collaborations in finding innovative ways to construct and develop properties throughout New York’s five boroughs.  Among BLCD’s latest projects is Baldwin Park, a 10,000 square foot boutique condo in Harlem. The $7 million project is nam

October Ambassador of the Month — Joanne Balady

nglccNY is elated to announce our October Ambassador of the Month, Joanne Balady. Joanne is the Founder/President of Balady Promotions . The company assists its clients in advertising their brands, products and services through the use of promotional product and decorated apparel programs, printed marketing materials, trade show exhibits, and more. Joanne founded Balady Promotions in 1989, having started in the Promotional Products Industry in 1982 as a Program Administrator responsible for the Pepsi Cola Account. She enjoys the creative aspects of the industry and has combined that with her entrepreneurial spirit to create an organization that is truly customer-focused, competitive and enduring. Joanne maintains lasting relationships with her clients and has a deep appreciation for the loyalty and commitment that has developed between Balady and its clientele.  Joanne calls the nglccNY Ambassador team “energetic and hard-working” and says she is “thrilled to learn from and share with