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September Ambassador of the Month — Barton Jackson

We are extremely pleased to announce Barton Jackson as nglccNY’s September Ambassador of the Month. Barton serves as Vice President, Relationship Manager at TD Bank. He represents the Regional Commercial Bank, supporting small business owners and loves his career at the intersection of finance and community service. He will celebrate his eighth year at TD Bank in October. “I am a relationship manager for small business owners at TD Bank with 12 years of experience in the industry. I love what I do. It is not about making a sale or finalizing a transaction. It is about having a real relationship with a client, offering guidance and support. I love learning about the person behind the enterprise just as much as I care about how a bank can positively impact the day-to-day operations and financial milestones of a business. I am inspired daily by entrepreneurs and community leaders, especially during COVID-19.”  Barton became an ambassador “to form connections and leverage experience, resou