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August Ambassador of the Month — Smith Banfield

  We are thrilled to announce Smith Banfield as nglccNY’s August Ambassador of the Month.  Smith is the founder of Clear Space and as she puts it, “a master organizer, having transformed the homes (and lives) of thousands of people.” She is “intimately conscious that our wellness directly connects to our environment, whether in our homes or the world. Her ability to visualize and create inspiring spaces and to bring consciousness to the choices we make about our ‘stuff’ generates genuinely magical results.”  Smith says when she found out she could become a nglccNY ambassador shortly after joining the chamber six years ago, she realized how beneficial it would be for meeting more members. “In my other networking groups, I was always matchmaking and this gave me a way to use those skills while making people feel welcome.”  She says the Ambassador Program is an important catalyst for any member because “we provide a direct point of contact to get questions answered and off