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Artist Shines Light On Heroes Of LGBTQ+ History For Pride Month

Shoulders of Giants Art Exhibit  Looking to shine a light on the rich diversity and legacy of the LGBTQ+ community, artist Rachel Wilkins debuts a new series entitled ‘Shoulders of Giants.’ The 30-piece (one for each day of Pride month) multi-media body of work pays homage to the advocates, change-makers, and unsung heroes, whose tireless efforts helped to bring about social and political progress for LGBTQ+ people.  The portraits feature well-known figures like Marsha P. Johnson, Audre Lord, Harvey Milk, Billie Jean King and Elton John but also chronicles lesser known voices such as Michael Dillon, the first trans man to medically transition, Barbara Gittings, a prominent activist for LGBTQ rights in New York, and Bayard Rustin, the main organizer of the March On Washington where MLK delivered his infamous “I Have A Dream” speech. It was the closure of non-essential businesses and sheltering in place due to the COVID 19 pandemic that sparked the idea for “Shoulders of Giants,”

How Larry Kramer Influenced nglccNY Member Michael Venturiello

Michael Venturiello and Larry Kramer  On May 27 when news broke that the iconic HIV and AIDS activist Larry Kramer had passed away, nglccNY member Michael Venturiello took to Facebook to share a heartfelt message of love. He explained the impact Larry had on his personal and professional life, as the owner of Christopher Street Tours, a Certified LGBTBE® that “focuses solely on LGBTQ walking tours and experiences.” “To say that I am alive today because of Larry Kramer is not an exaggeration,” Venturiello wrote. “To say that Larry Kramer is the reason for Christopher Street Tours is not an exaggeration. Today, we mourn his passing. Few know the intimate story of how Christopher Street Tours began. It was my first year in New York City. I was lonely and sad and unfulfilled. Depressed and alone on a Friday night, I laid in bed and decided to casually turn on David France's How To Survive a Plague. That was the first time I heard about Larry Kramer and the work of ACT

June Ambassador of the Month — Vincent Moy

This month we are pleased to bestow our Ambassador of the Month honor upon Vincent Moy. Vincent is a cherished member of our chamber family as well as an expert in market research and consumer insights. He is a customer intelligence manger at the Wall Street Journal where he focuses on media & communications. He is also the co-lead/founding member of Asian@DJ at Dow Jones. Phyllis Mehalakes, Chair of The Ambassadors Committee praised Vincent’s service to the chamber saying: “Vincent is another one of our senior Ambassadors. I met him when we served together as Ambassadors and have always appreciated his team-first approach and easy-going spirit.  Supporting our membership, fellow Ambassadors and corporate partners is second nature to Vincent who always goes the extra mile for all of us. Vincent is a true professional who thrives on helping and connecting others.  He’s truly an invaluable member of our team.” Here’s Vincent’s reaction to being named Ambassador of the Month