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Webinar Takeaways: Capital, Law, and Taxes: What to Know During the COVID Crisis

Thank you all for attending our webinar, “Capital, Law and Taxes: What to Know During the COVID Crisis,” last week. We hope you walked away feeling more knowledgeable about some of the issues facing businesses owners during this time. Special thanks to our presenters for providing the extensive overview on all of these topics. We encourage all nglccNY members to review the recorded session (password: s1&40x6f). We have timed out each topic for your convenience. Capital (10:10): Thanks to our friends at TD Bank, we learned about access to capital and the CARES Act . As things change and the government works to re-fund those acts, it is important to reach out to specialists to help guide you through the process. These include our session presenters Evelyn Carrasco, Business Advisor at the Small Business Development Center of LaGuardia Community College, and Sandra Bojourque, Business Development Team Lead at Accion East. Law (45:58): In this section, we learned about the nuanc