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Supplier Spotlight: Moey Inc.

Moey Inc. empowers people to see the world in a different way. According to co-founder and principal Molly Lenore, the business can be described as an Ideation Design Technology Fabrication company. In layman’s terms, “Moey is where the digital universe and the physical world merge. Our team of technologists, designers, engineers, artists, educators and fabricators creates unforgettable interactive experiences, installations, and applications. We make anything possible.” Moey specializes in nontraditional tech driven installations, interactive sculptures, robotics, mobile apps and immersive/interactive spaces.  Their specialty is technology/content-driven physical interactives and nontraditional interfaces.  They create world renown, high-tech media/interactive installations and social applications for science centers, children’s museums, corporate clients, point of sale, marketing, museums, architects, fine artists and public spaces. Some of Moey’s most notable works include

Connections: The nglccNY Ambassador Program

Connection, community, and commerce. All are good reasons to become a member of nglccNY, but the second and third of these grow out of the first. And connection begins with the nglccNY Ambassador program. Phyllis Mehalakes, who has chaired the Ambassador Program as a volunteer for five years, didn’t know about nglccNY when she met James Howard, a financial advisor who was then an ambassador himself. He told her about the chamber and invited her to a mixer. Within a few months Phyllis had become a member and an ambassador; two years later she was chairing the program and has done so for five years now. Anywhere from eight to fifteen people become new members of the chamber each month, and every new member is assigned an ambassador. As Phyllis describes it, “nglccNY is a big organization; we now have over 700 members, up from 300 when I joined. That is a large network to tap into, and through the ambassadors we offer guidance on the many ways to do so. Making the best out of your