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Biz Pitch Spotlight

In our third installation of the 2019 nglccNY Biz Pitch, sponsored by EY on September 24, 2019, we heard from another fantastic round of LGBTBEs. Similar to the first round held in January and the second round held in June, two of the four suppliers were selected to advance to the final round which will be held in December. The grand prize is a full scholarship to attend the “ Building a High-Performing Business” program at Dartmouth College’s TuckSchool of Business . Joining the previous winners ( Translator LLC and Five North Chocolate from the first round and PILOT Coaching and Play Out Apparel from the second round) Fabio Pereira and Brandan Keaveny of Data Ethics and Jo Schneier and Doug Krehbiel of will be in the final competition. Both winners talked with Michael Venturiello, a member of the nglccNY Media & Communications Committee, to share their experiences. Dwayne Samuels of DS2 Corporate Relocation Services also competed in the thi

Supplier Spotlight: Etcetera Etcetera Restaurant

Etcetera Etcetera Restaurant, a Neighborhood Gem and Community Gift Imagine getting up every day, happy to go to work! Imagine wanting to do the work that you are doing “as long as I can.” Etcetera Etcetera Owner Daniele Kucera Welcome to the world of nglccNY member Daniele Kucera, owner of etcetera etcetera. Daniele first arrived in New York from Italy in 1992 with blue jeans, shirts, and $50. He had been invited by the San Domenico Restaurant to serve as their Italian Ambassador for Food and Wine. Always the student, he left that position in 1996 to join the staff of Jean Georges Restaurant and learn French cooking. He also traveled to 30 states in order to learn the American culture. In 1999 he opened his first restaurant with $15,000 of his own savings and a $120,000 loan; the loan was paid back 18 months later. In 2005 Daniele and two partners opened etcetera etcetera; today he is the sole owner. The restaurant, located at 352 West 44th Street i