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Bending the Arc of the Moral Universe: Joann Prinzivalli

(Prinzivalli, pictured above) Joann Prinzivalli doesn’t just know history. She makes it. Joann lost her family, her children, her home, her friends, her church, and her “nice corner office job as the Chief Underwriting Counsel for a major title insurance company” when she came out as transgender at the turn of the century. As she said at the time, “there was no place to look but up.” Not only did Joann commit to lifting herself up; she committed to helping ensure that others did not have to go through the same experience as she had. And this is exactly what she has been striving to achieve since 2000. Over the years, Joann has worked at the personal, organizational, community, county, and state levels to bring about equal treatment for those who are transgender. In 1999, before she began living openly as trans herself, Joann testified at a hearing for the Westchester County Human Rights bill. Transgender protections had been removed from the bill and she was ad

Happy Pride: A Message from Our Director

Happy Pride nglccNY!  As we welcome the world to New York City and celebrate the 50th anniversary of Stonewall and our historic hosting of World Pride, we want to thank all of our members for your support of nglccNY’s mission as the LGBT business voice of New York. WorldPride is estimated to bring in an estimated additional 3+ million people into the city. This pride will be our largest in the city’s history, and will be a reason to stand taller and march prouder for those that came before, and to celebrate what pride means to each and every one of us. Watching this astounding increase in population and participation in our city, we cannot forget about the economic impact this month will have on our city and our role to play in that. From tourism dollars, to corporate sponsorships, to municipal cost for security for the march: millions of dollars will be flowing through our city. And we have an obligation to act wisely with our dollars to strengthen and support all of our

Non-Profit Spotlight: Newburgh LGBTQ+ Center

For anyone wondering how the next generation of LGBTQ+ Social Activists are keeping the movement alive, look no further than the growing LGBTQ+ community in the Hudson Valley, particularly in Newburgh, NY. Newburgh is a city 60 miles north of Manhattan where it’s nestled in the beautiful countryside of Orange County and is considered one of the most architecturally significant of all the cities nationwide. In the spirit of building, the Newburgh LGBTQ+ Center has broken new ground to become historically significant in the LGBQT+ movement. Maria Ramirez and Rae Leine, the Co-Founders of the organization are creating safe spaces, resources, opportunities and hope for the youth of the area. In conversations over the last year The Newburgh LGBTQ+ center has grown exponentially and there are no signs of slowing down. They have won awards for their work and have secured grants to continue to build sustainable resources for the next generation of LGBTQ+ in the area. They were kind enough to t

The Winners of the Second Round of the 2019 nglccNY Biz Pitch Are…

From business coaching to underwear, we heard from four LGBTBEs at our second round of the 2019 nglccNY Biz Pitch sponsored by EY held on June 4, 2019. As was done at our first round in January, two of those four suppliers were selected to advance to the final round which will be held on December 11, 2019. The final round will culminate in three different prizes to the top three pitches. The grand prize is a full scholarship to attend the “Building a High-Performing Business” program at Dartmouth College’s Tuck School of Business .  Ben Brooks, CEO of PILOT Coaching (Photo by  Cyrus Golestan Photography ) “If not for Theresa Harrison and the great team at EY , I would not know how life-changing Tuck’s Building a High-Performing Minority Business Program is. I hope that every NGLCC certified business can find a way there. Dartmouth’s top-tier MBA professors lead the sessions, and every single one can be applied directly to any growing, entrepreneurial business. Despite hav

Supplier Spotlight: Balloon Design Studio

How Chris Tribuna Turned A Childhood Passion Into A High Flying Business As New York City hosts WorldPride 2019 amid the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising, the NYC Pride March is expected to draw a massive crowd in excess of 4 million people. Those gathered to walk in solidarity will be greeted with rainbow colored balloon arches at the start of the Pride March alongside two jumbo balloon sculptures into the number 50. These magnificent displays are the handiwork of Chris Tribuna, owner of Balloon Design Studio . “ We are focusing on an “Around the World” theme, so I am planning on having hot air balloons, airplanes, and globes with rainbow colors to tie into World Pride,” Tribuna says of his own participation in the March. Balloon Design Studio is an award-winning Berkeley Heights, New Jersey-based company that has been proudly decorating events—from first birthdays to corporate galas—all over the nation since 2009. Last year, Balloon Design Studio became a