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Supplier Spotlight: Stencil1

Stenciling: From a Teenage Hobby to a Target Vendor As a teenager, nglccNY member Ed Roth didn’t imagine that his hobby of refurbishing and decorating furniture purchased from the Salvation Army Thrift Store would someday lead to becoming a vendor for Target. But it did. Art has always been in Ed’s DNA. After high school he went on to college where he earned his bachelor’s degree with a major in psychology and art. He ran an art gallery in Williamsburg with a friend, supporting street artists and up-and-coming artists. One of their goals was to sell art at affordable prices, making it available to everyone. Ed moved to Miami where a Photoshop class exposed him to the digital arts. From there he moved to San Francisco and went back to school for web design and motion graphics; these skills would later prove invaluable in building Stencil1 .   Along the way, Ed’s artistic eye was drawn to stencil graffiti. He began purchasing and studying books on the