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Supplier Spotlight: HOMOCO

Supplier Spotlight: HOMOCO Looking at HOMOCO’s website , the first words that come to mind are playful, bright, and entertaining...and there’s a reason for that. Daniel DuGoff, founder of HOMOCO, is recreating the way we think about swimwear. With his unique and colorful prints, Daniel is switching the focus to fun. HOMOCO’s whimsical language encourages “versatile tops” and “power bottoms,” referring to the products, of course. Versatile bottoms includes a collection of swim trunks with designs like trucks, bottles, and nozzles. Versatile tops includes a variety of t-shirts, hats, and even bandanas. The name of the brand is just as unique as the prints themselves. Homes Oil Company, a brand of Washington DC-area gas stations owned by DuGoff’s great grandparents, went by the nick-name HOMOCO, for short. “Our use of the name alludes to our history, while clearly stating who the brand is for – fashionable people who love fun,” explains Daniel. And the product its