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nglccNY Hosts Corporate ERG Roundtable on Trans, Non-Binary and Gender-Fluid Inclusivity

As employees are increasingly looking for new ways to take an active role in making their workplaces more inclusive, employee resources groups (ERGs) have become powerful ways for employees to activate within their company to create positive change within the company. This month, nglccNY hosted a special event for ERG groups from nglccNY corporate partners to discuss ways that ERGs can take a leading role in making their workplaces more inclusive for trans, non-binary, and gender-fluid colleagues and co-workers. Hosted by New York Life, this event provided a forum for ERG members to discuss how to educate, support, and recruit non-binary, gender fluid, and transgender talent in their companies. Presenter Ashley Brundage leads the discussion on ERGs acting as agents of inclusion in their workplaces. The event was kicked off by an educational introduction to biological sex and gender identity from Ashley Brundage , VP of Diversity & Inclusion for PNC Bank, owner of the LGBTB

Supplier Spotlight: Translator

Translator delivers what it describes as “the world's most advanced Diversity & Inclusion training system for corporations, schools, and non-profits.” The nglccNY member and certified LGBTBE has been in operation since 2016. nglccNY Media & Communications Chair Cindi Creager had a chance to speak with Translator CEO & Founder Natalie J. Egan, who shared inspiring insights about why she founded the business, how its helping Fortune 500 companies, and the importance of certification. Translator LLC Founder & CEO Natalie Egan Cindi : Tell me a little bit about Translator . Natalie : At a high level, we build diversity and inclusion software for corporations, schools, and nonprofits. This whole experience is based on my transition. I have a unique perspective, having built another company in my former identity. I previously identified as a man, and now I'm building this company as a trans woman, and it's really about creating emp

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Supplier Spotlight: Imprint

“Content is only as good as the impression it makes.” This sums up the philosophy of Imprint , the dynamic marketing company, nglccNY member and certified LGBT Business Enterprise (LGBTBE) that is making a significant impression for its dozens of blue-chip clients. In its six years of operation, Imprint has won numerous industry awards, including the Content Marketing Institute’s Content Marketing Agency of the Year in 2017. The New York City-based firm has a satellite office in Boston and a desire to expand to more locations. nglccNY Media & Communications Chair Cindi Creager recently caught up with Imprint Managing Partner Andy Seibert to learn more about the Imprint team and the secrets to their success. Cindi:  Tell me about Imprint . Andy:  We are a content marketing agency, which means different things to different people. At Imprint, we define it as marketing with a publishing and journalistic bent. We help our clients engage with their customers through cont