Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Woman Spotlight: Christopher Street Financial

Christopher Street Financial is a wealth management and financial planning practice focused on serving the needs of the LGBTQ and supporting community. Christopher Street's team of professionals create customized solutions with the primary focus of growing wealth and planning for the future.

In a chat with Managing Partner Jennifer Hatch, she shared their history, their raison d’etre and how as a collective the Christopher Street Financial team works to make their clients' goals a reality.

“At Christopher Street Financial, we specialize in wealth building and wealth management. We don’t offer cookie-cutter financial plans because we realize everyone’s life and goals are different. We are a team of experienced and professional investment advisors dedicated to helping you take control of your financial future. We partner with our clients in the community to provide specialized financial planning expertise. Our best work enables these clients to live their best lives.” – Jennifer Hatch

What is a misconception of the financial advisor?

There's a fairly large commitment to understanding where somebody is coming from. We have to understand the nuances of your values and how they might impact your investments. I really like getting to know people and working with them to figure out what suits the client.

When did you get an inclining that you wanted to be a part of Christopher Street Financial?

After working at Bears Terns for many years, I asked myself a few questions. Wouldn’t it be nice to work where I could be myself? Wouldn’t it be nice to work with the LGBTQ community? When the opportunity appeared, it really was a dream come true. That was the headline that Investment News used at least in the paper article which was really cool.

What does Christopher Street Financial represent to you?

Since Christopher Street was the street on which the Stonewall Riots occurred and it's always the heart of our community’s empowerment. I think it's about economic and personal empowerment.

What do you think clients will take away in terms of accessibility?

Financial planning is an important decision made by clients. We strive to make everyone feel comfortable. Financial planning works when clients can feel free to bring their whole self to the conversation. Sharing your innermost desires for the life you want to live can be a challenge if a client does not feel they will be understood.

What would you say to someone considering a role in financial services?

I would say there are so many roles, different kinds of jobs that you can do in financial services. Some are very analytical, others empathic. You get to use both left and right brain. I think that anyone interested should think about what they love. What makes them most curious, because whatever field you're in, you want to always be learning.

What would you like your legacy to be?

I would like to be remembered as a key mentor in people's lives, helping them to be the best that they could be. Helping them develop to grow and lead their best life. That would be everything. To be remembered as kind, generous and smart

How might clients benefit from your services?

I think that most people don't realize what a financial planner can help them with and so I would like to offer an opportunity to all members to have a consultation or a second opinion on the state of their financial life today and their vision for the future. I think that everyone should consider their own professional business building plans and what their options may be. I welcome the opportunity to meet for an hour about how we can help them on their journey.

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