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Corporate Spotlight: Bank of America / Josh Lemke

“Bank of America   invests in diverse businesses to drive sustainable economic growth because when diverse suppliers succeed, the diverse communities that Bank of America serves, thrive ,” says Josh E. Le mke, Bank of America’s SVP; Procurement Executive, Supplier Diversity & Development. Josh E. Lemke Bank of America's SVP Procurement Executive, Supplier Diversity & Development Lemke believes that b y having intentional programs focused on supplier diversity they can have a positive impact on our communities. This motivates him every day to continue doing what they do at Bank of America and to constantly try to do better.   Born and raised in South Dakota, Josh E. Lemke started out at   Arizona State University  (ASU) and, while his initial thought was to go onto medical or law school, he ultimately landed in ASU's business school, where he majored in Supply Chain Management (SCM).    “I didn’t even know what SCM really was so I did some more researc

December & Upcoming Events

Featuring local, state and national events  for NGLCC, nglccNY,  our Membership and Community Partners. See you at our next event! Read More Read More Read More Read More Read More Posted by  Sean Franklin, Senior Associate, Media Communications Committee,   nglccNY Experience Producer,  Socio What's your story?  Please contact me at . Socio is a  creative, communications and customer experience agency shaping how companies do business. A certified LGBT Business Enterprise.  

Non-Profit Spotlight: Destination Tomorrow

Preparing  LGBT  Communities today for a  BETTER  TOMORROW DESTINATION TOMORROW is a grassroots agency located in the South Bronx that provides services to and for the LGBTQ community led by the passionate and laser focused Executive Director, Sean Coleman. Mr. Coleman has dedicated himself, up to and including his personal finances to ensure that the youth of the South Bronx do not have to leave their community to search for needed services and support which enables them to strive and thrive in space they can call their own. As a local, Mr. Coleman knew first hand the challenges of growing up struggling to reconcile his own identity. As Coleman shared, “It was truly a struggle because when I was dealing with issues of gender identity there were no centers that focused on these types of challenges. I am from a Christian upbringing, raised by my grandmother so it never felt like who I was would be understood. I felt like there would be support if only I could articulate w

Woman Spotlight: Monica Grant

Monica Grant’s company Young Boss Media intentionally creates media that provides positive and meaningful social impact. Her inspiration comes from her sociological and technological observations. Her observations of the rapid decline of the traditional American jobs, inspired her to start Young Boss Economic Club. The Young Boss Economic Club, an action driven mechanism is used to answer the questions of employment in fields where jobs are disappearing for workers being replaced by technology. Young Boss Media’s keystone program is Master Plan. At Master Plan, Grant interviews entrepreneurs from all industries in minority communities across NYC. The Master Plan offers inspiration, resources and actionable items for creating, sustaining and growing a business in unpredictable times. Grant understands the challenges of entrepreneurship, the opportunities said challenges present to learn and grow. Her goal is to use the YBM platform and its high-quality program to tackle issues hea