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November & Upcoming Events

Featuring local, state and national events  for NGLCC, nglccNY,  our Membership and Community Partners.  See you at our next event! Read More Read More Read More Read More Read More Posted by  Sean Franklin, Senior Associate, Media Communications Committee,   nglccNY Experience Producer,  Socio What's your story?  Please contact me at . Socio is a  creative, communications and customer experience agency shaping how companies do business. A certified LGBT Business Enterprise.  

Supplier Spotlight: Rainbow Pet Sitter

I had the pleasure to speak with Elizabeth (Liz) Cooney, Founder of Rainbow Pet Sitter . We could very well say that nglccNY now has it’s very own 6ft tall Lesbian Pet Whisperer. Through exploring her intense love for animals, years trying to understand her sexuality and finally the need to belong to a strong LGBTQIA community, Liz stumbled upon nglccNY. Today, Rainbow Pet Sitter is a newly certified LGBT Business Enterprise. Certification was important to Liz as she wanted her business to be easily found in the community and she also wanted to weed out people that wouldn’t want to be associated with a lesbian-owned and -operated business.  Elizabeth Cooney Founder, Rainbow Pet Sitter Liz discovered her natural ability to gain the trust of most animals at a very young age. Especially animals that didn’t usually trust people or animals that didn’t fit into what society viewed as “normal” or “acceptable” behavior. “I strongly feel that a big part of the reason I con

Business English Success for International Professionals

Exciting times at Rennert International  as they are set to launch a new Evening English Program entitled “Business English Success for International Professionals.” NYC is a global and diverse city full of working international professionals. What the evening english program is designed to do is provide these international professionals with the opportunity to refine some aspects of their Business English after work hours. There will be  four courses that address some common pain points among international professionals: Course A: American Business Communication, Culture & Writing Course B: Pronunciation and Accent Reduction Course C: Business Writing Course D: Presentation and Public Speaking Courses A & B are launching next week and Courses C & D will also launch in January 2018. All classes run from 6:25-8:30pm.  Rennert extends to NGLCC members and referrals with a 20% off tuition discount reflected here . To  register and to take advantage of thi

Non-Profit Spotlight: TLDEF

Founded in 2003, Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund is a nonprofit whose mission is to end discrimination and achieve equality for transgender people, particularly those in our most vulnerable communities. Transgender people have been subject to pervasive discrimination that has kept them, with rare exceptions, hidden from public view. While this discrimination has begun to lessen, transgender people still experience much prejudice and violence. The work at TLDEF is focused on three key areas: 1.  Education TLDEF provides education on Transgender rights. 2.  I mpact litigation TLDEF’s Impact Litigation Program brings cases and files friend of the court briefs in local, state, and federal tribunals across the country—expanding access to opportunity and democratic participation for all members of the transgender community. TLDEF’s litigation work focuses on combating discrimination in four key areas: Healthcare, Employment, Public Accommodations, and Educati