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Jenn T. Grace: Everyone Has A Story

Jenn T. Grace
Founder, Purpose Driven Publishing

Jenn T. Grace is a nationally recognized business strategist, speaker and author specializing in the LGBTQ market. Guided by the mantra, “change happens in business,” Jenn believes social change happens first in the workplace before spilling over into mainstream society. She has written several books about her experience in the business world as an out-LGBTQ person. Channeling her passion for helping people share their stories of adversity, Jenn Founded of the Purpose Driven Authors Academy and Purpose Driven Publishing. 

Everyone has a story and Jenn’s started with her career in a hot water heater factory, where in less than six months she managed to create efficiencies that propelled her career there. While the roles were physically demanding they taught Jenn about the difficulties of manual labor and that the creative spirit within us is waiting for us to activate creativity and build something special – no matter where we are. Her next growth spurt was in the retail space where once again Jenn channeled her energy for efficiency and created new and inspiring ways to entice customers.

In 2004, Jenn went looking for her next adventure and found a position in a customer service department she thought might be a fit. During the interview, the CEO created a Marketing Analyst position for her on the spot. She spent five years creating LGBTQ Marketing. This opportunity created the space for her to explore LGBTQ business. It was at this point of her career that she became familiar with NGLCC and got involved with the CTGLC. She became so inspired, she joined the chamber and held several positions before being named Executive Director. In 2013, after accomplishing many goals, she stepped down from her role and started on the road to help others share their story.

How did you find your way to the nglcc?
Back in 2006, I encountered nglcc when I was working for an insurance company. I decided that I was going to launch an LGBT outreach effort at the insurance company and the company let me do whatever I pleased. We joined nglcc, and a year later the CT affiliate popped up and I immediately joined them as the marketing chair and worked my way up to Executive Director to the CT affiliate. I recently joined nglccNY in an effort to spread my wings.

How does one embrace their “Professional Lesbian?"
I feel everyone has the potential to be a Professional Lesbian. I think simply it means being out in your business or career. All too often we are stereotyped. The more out we all can be the more diversity among us to be seen by the outside world. It helps in building relationships with peers, colleagues and customers.

When did you start Purpose Driven Publishing?
The seedling for PDP began in 2016. When I took my experience of writing books and created a program to teach others how to write their story. During this time, the participants asked if I would publish their books. I realized that I was only getting participants so far and this was a way for me to go “all in” to help tell these stories. August 2016, I publicly declared this was indeed my business.

How does somebody join Purpose Driven Authors Academy group?

It is a 14-week session that covers the process of writing a book. To date, I have helped more than 20 people develop their books and am currently working with a few others.

How can those in the membership, interested in writing their book join one of your sessions?

I run group programs that start September 19th and anyone interested can go to the website:

What do you hope to get from creating this platform?
From the big picture of equality, the more of our voices that can be heard is really important because that is how change happens.

What is your message to the universe?
It is our collective responsibility to be out and proud. Tell your story, it may help inspire somebody.

To learn more about Jenn T. Grace, check out her sites: and Check out her books on amazon chat her up at the next M3.

Written by Ingrid Galvez,
Chair, Diversity & Inclusion and Programming,

Organizational Development Consultant, 
Strategic Remedy Group

Strategic Remedy Group is a certified LGBTBE focused on cultivating collaborative communities to propel business success.

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