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Socio FIRST LOOK: Humanizing Supplier Diversity

As active members of the Supplier Diversity Community  - procurement organizations, supplier diversity professionals,  and diverse suppliers – we are all committed to building a  diverse supply chain and sourcing process. Our drive to sustain an inclusive work environment through products and services is often met with resource constraints and uncertainty. Together, we have experienced the challenges of bringing “new suppliers” to the table who offer cost effective and innovative solutions. At Socio, we believe that innovation lies well beyond a company’s offering, products and services. It’s the people, their culture, and their stories that empower a supply chain to become inclusive, diverse, and innovative. Socio FIRST LOOK is changing the narrative in supplier diversity. Our first release (which many of you already have), is a beautifully handcrafted book of small and medium-sized  businesses and diverse suppliers. The names and faces within FIRST LOOK enjoy

Summer/Fall 2017 Upcoming Events

Featuring local, state and national events  for NGLCC, nglccNY,  our Membership and Community Partners.  See you at our next event! Read More Read More Read More Read More Read More Read More Read More Save the Date Posted by  Sean Franklin, Senior Associate, Media Communications Committee,   NGLCCNY Experience Producer,  Socio What's your story?  Please contact me at . Socio is a  creative, communications and customer experience agency shaping how companies do business. A certified LGBT Business Enterprise.  

Jenn T. Grace: Everyone Has A Story

Jenn T. Grace Founder, Purpose Driven Publishing Jenn T. Grace is a nationally recognized business strategist, speaker and author specializing in the LGBTQ market. Guided by the mantra, “change happens in business,” Jenn believes social change happens first in the workplace before spilling over into mainstream society. She has written several books about her experience in the business world as an out-LGBTQ person. Channeling her passion for helping people share their stories of adversity, Jenn Founded of the Purpose Driven Authors Academy and Purpose Driven Publishing .   Everyone has a story and Jenn’s started with her career in a hot water heater factory, where in less than six months she managed to create efficiencies that propelled her career there. While the roles were physically demanding they taught Jenn about the difficulties of manual labor and that the creative spirit within us is waiting for us to activate creativity and build something special – no matter where

Non-Profit Spotlight: PFLAG

Since 1973 Parents Friends of Lesbians and Gays ( PFLAG ) has been a resource to assist parents and friends on their journey to accept and support LGBTQ persons in their families, workplaces and communities. PFLAG’s work started with one mother who changed the world when she raised a homemade sign and her lone voice in public support of her gay son. In speaking up, her voice helped change the world and inspired others to act as well. Today PFLAG NYC provides services to New York City families, schools, corporations, and the larger community in order to increase understanding and acceptance of LGBT people. PFLAG programs consist of: Safe Schools – working with teachers, principals, counselors and students to ensure that LGBTQ youth are safe and successful in school Support Services – preserving relationships within families when someone comes out as LGBTQ and supporting LGBTQ individuals whose families are not accepting Corporate & Community Outreach – promoting an