Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Women Spotlight: Meet Sacred Walker

Sacred Walker, Founder and Executive Director
Kuumba Health LLC

Sacred Walker hails from Kingston, Jamaica. She credits her loving and supportive family in creating the solid foundation on which she stands. Included in that are her family’s values, healing, spirituality as being central to your professional work. "They instilled that a positive relationship with yourself, positive sense of self, how you care for yourself will all help you to put your best foot forward and help you succeed throughout your day," says Sacred. She is grateful to that part of her formative years and how that has influenced how she shows up in her work and life. Today, Sacred is the Founder and Executive Director of Kuumba Health LLC, a woman-led health and advocacy organization that convenes holistic retreats and workshops for practitioners to exemplify core principles to community members.

How did you find your way to your work / company / community?

Living in Kingston I learned that it is not always accepting and finding safe spaces would be central. I found a place called Oasis and I’m still in touch with the owners. It was a place that I found during my research time in grad school. I had the fortune to partner with other business professionals and create sanctuary spaces for LGBT Jamaicans. Even though the space was not defined as spiritual it had an uplifting spirit to it.  These professionals were doctors, lawyers and paraprofessionals what we called the uptown community. I was fortunate to connect with members of Friends of Jamaican Lesbian and Gays who helped us find sanctuary through poetry, talking, networking in Jamaica as LGBT Jamaicans.

I found that even with the value system that I was raised in, I still had to find the sanctuary spaces of which Oasis was one of them. That has informed what I think of as heart medicine. That’s why I’m called to do this work. It is to create the same sanctuary spaces that were created for me so I can now create it for others who need it.

You hear a lot about the anti-LGBT sentiment in Jamaica, how difficult and how much of a challenge was it for you to identify people who might not seem out or be fully out? To create those communities?

Around the world, I have seen the challenges that are not particular to Kingston. I think that Jamaica gets a reputation because of the music. Often, American dancehall has homophobic lyrics that many LGBT advocates in Jamaica have pushed to shift. Many in the states, across the globe have started to put their foot down and have said, “we are not going to support this." I think it’s about values alignment. We try our best to focus on how the aches we have experienced along the way can be used as medicine in strengthening ourselves.

How easy /challenging was it for you to be out in Jamaica? It is the same as it is everywhere else? How did you find you way to the NGLCC?

I was invited by Mary Blanchett to a meeting last year as her guest. She told me about the chamber. I wasn’t sure if there were going to be other women, if there would be any interest in wellness. I was curious if there would be any aligning missions. My first M3 event was at Slate. At the time, I had just met someone who was doing work in China. I got to the first event and I got into a the most amazing conversation with Steven Warren, Owner of Chinamerica Radio. We talked about culture, issues that come up and for me it was the “A-HA” moment that I had felt in Oasis. The feeling that felt I’m very much in the right place. I attended a few times before joining, now I’m in the process of getting certified and I’m looking forward to growing with the chamber.

What has been your impression of the nglccNY?

This chamber really does value diversity and Inclusion as well as aligning work/life balance by creating spaces that help people connect.

What is the #1 reason someone comes to you?

We really are a relational business. The #1 reason is that an individual is relationship breakdowns. That includes personal and professional.

What is the best way membership can reach you?

The Kuumba Health website, our services and events are listed and we offer the ability to schedule a call or meeting with me.

What is one thing you want the membership to know about you?

I’ll give you two things. 1. I love to dance! I am a wonderful dance partner. 2. My focus is being a soulful professional. We really are about helping individuals tap in to the sense that of … not only am I valuable, how do I continue to find value in the work place, how do I connect to community.

What is your message to the universe?

Its 3-fold. 1. You have a right to be full of joy. Claim it! Claim your joy! 2. Shift your relationship to love, it will change your life. 3. Have your values and your work aligned.

Drop a comment and get connected with Sacred and Kuumba Health:
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Written by Ingrid Galvez,
Chair, Diversity & Inclusion and Programming,

Organizational Development Consultant, Strategic Remedy Group


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