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NGLCCNY Corporate Spotlight: Guggenheim Partners

Kate Kleyman, Supplier Diversity Manager for the Guggenheim Partners, divulges the latest about the firm's entrepreneurial spirit, its thriving Supplier Diversity Program, and it's relationship with the NGLCCNY.

Kate Kleyman
Supplier Diversity Manager, Guggenheim Partners

Tell me about Guggenheim Partners.
Guggenheim Partners is a global investment and advisory firm with more than $240 billion in assets under management (across a platform of managed accounts and funds) and a track record of delivering results through innovative solutions. Our commitment is to advance the strategic interests of our clients and to deliver long-term results with excellence and integrity. We help governments, institutions, and individuals address complex financial challenges, identify opportunity, and achieve their long-term objectives. We have 2,500 professionals in more than 25 offices in eight countries.

We deliver value through three primary businesses:
  1. ​Investments
    • Premier asset manager and investment advisor with expertise in: fixed income, equities, alternatives, and advisory solutions
  2. Securities
    • Full-service investment banking and capital markets capabilities including: advisory, financing, sales and trading, and research
  3. Insurance Services
    • Comprehensive advice for insurance companies on: asset liability management, capital and expense management, and transactions and products
What sets your firm apart?
Guggenheim Partners is an innovative firm with an entrepreneurial spirit. Our firm’s culture is defined by our six core values. They are the key to our storied legacy and the guide to our daily business decisions.

  • Innovation
    • We strive to create opportunities with new approaches and resources.
  • Integrity
    • We do the right thing, for the right reasons.
  • Excellence
    • We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and seek to exceed expectations.
  • Talent
    • We believe that employing and partnering with the best and brightest people build great organizations.
  • Entrepreneurship
    • We believe in fostering individual creativity and a sense of ownership.
  • Stewardship
    • We are dedicated to safeguarding the capital and trust of our clients, and advancing their best interests.

Our firm is committed to creating a diverse, inclusive and performance-oriented culture that encourages our employees to reach their fullest potential. In an increasingly complex, evolving, multi-faceted global environment, having an inclusive mindset, and integrating smart diversity and inclusion (D&I) strategies that incorporate multiple perspectives and innovative approaches are critical to our firm’s success.

Our firm’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI), with the steadfast commitment and engagement from our senior leadership, proactively implements diversity and inclusive practices through a variety of efforts, internally and externally, to include talent acquisition and pipeline development, employee networks, benefits equity, and vendor diversity. Our firm’s D&I strategy is designed to harness the thought leadership from our diverse employees as well as to identify client, talent and vendor pipeline opportunities through expanding networks, and sponsorship of, and collaboration with, other corporate peers and external organizations. Our people play an integral role as connectors to bring new voices that enrich our awareness and create new opportunities for engagement and collaboration.

In addition, the office of Diversity and Inclusion collaborates with several of the firm’s key stakeholders, including the Human Capital Committee, Corporate Social Responsibility Committee, as well as the Strategic Sourcing and Expense Management team on a broad range of initiatives.

Diversity and inclusion transforms our firm’s culture and the communities in which we operate – it enables our firm to outperform the competition and continue to deliver value for our clients.

Tell me about your role as Supplier Diversity Manager with Guggenheim Partners.
Guggenheim launched its Supplier Diversity program in 2014. In collaboration with Guggenheim’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion and the Office of Strategic Sourcing and Expense Management and as the Manager of Supplier Diversity, we were able to develop and launch the Firm’s first Supplier Diversity program. As the Supplier Diversity Manager for the Firm, our Office of Diversity and Inclusion partners with our Strategic Sourcing team to ensure that diverse suppliers are included in the sourcing process. The role is to ensure that all RFPs include language that supports Supplier Diversity and the use of diverse vendors. We added language to encourage suppliers that are not diverse to utilize diverse vendors in subcontracting opportunities. Through our Inclusive Vendor Process, we raised firm-wide awareness of Supplier Diversity by meeting with leaders across the firm and by developing a marketing strategy, which raises awareness of Supplier Diversity for all employees. As the Manager for Supplier Diversity, advocating for diverse vendors that are provided opportunities to work with Guggenheim as well as diverse vendors that would like to work with Guggenheim is integral.

How can certified LGBTBEs engage and do business with Guggenheim Partners and the supplier industries that you are currently sourcing for?
We are in the process of developing an external website where diverse suppliers would be able to register with Guggenheim for supplier opportunities. In the meantime, certified LGBTBEs may email me at kate.kleyman@guggenheimpartners.com.

What Supplier Diversity initiatives do you have planned for both the immediate and long-term future?
We have several key Supplier Diversity initiatives in the pipeline designed to enhance the vendor diversity ecosystem. We are partnering with our top law firms to promote Supplier Diversity by assisting them in developing their own programs. We are also targeting other financial services firms that are similar to our size to develop Supplier Diversity programs as well. We believe that this type of initiative will expand opportunities for diverse suppliers.

We are also hosting a Financial Services Symposium where we are partnering with other financial services firms to discuss Supplier Diversity within our industry.

How long have you been part of the NGLCCNY?
We have been a member of the NGLCCNY since the start of 2015.

How has the NGLCCNY been beneficial to Guggenheim Partners?
NGLCCNY has been extremely beneficial to Guggenheim by connecting our firm to excellent suppliers as well to wonderful colleagues in the Supplier Diversity space.

Tell me a little bit about you personally. What led you to your current position?
After attending Brandeis, I had the opportunity to begin my professional career with a few amazing nonprofits. Through this rich experience, I was fortunate to learn more about the global challenges and collaborative efforts to address the inequities in health care, education and relief efforts to violent nation conflicts. I learned about the role that corporations often play in developing solutions to the difficult problems in our nation and the world.

I am very passionate about community growth and economic empowerment and the role corporations play in advancing innovative solutions to complex challenges.

That is one of the reasons that I love working at this firm, if you are passionate, work hard and develop innovative strategies -- you are able to establish a great career path.

Kate Kleyman, Guggenheim Partners, Office of Diversity & Inclusion

Written by Ashley Bellman,
Corporate Journalist, Media Communications Committee.

If you'd like to be featured in one of our upcoming communications, please contact me at ashley@nglccny.org.

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