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Pink Banana Media: Unifying All Elements of LGBT Online Marketing

“We’ve had an excellent opportunity to take a front row seat to the myriad of developments in the online world, starting with sites that began as print magazines and migrated to the online world… along with the development of membership and personals into these sites, thereby creating a sense of community,” stated New York City based Pink Banana President Matt Skallerud ; who celebrated 20 years in the LGBT marketplace this past year. Pink Banana Media specializes in LGBT online marketing via content marketing and social media: “ We’ve been a part of the e-commerce and advertising advances in the online world, developing some of the first online retailing experiences for LGBT consumers, as well as working with clients large and small in targeting the LGBT community online in those early years with stories and content, e-mail campaigns and those new ad units we called banner ads,” Matt said. Matt Skallerud, President Pink Banana Media Matt and the Pink Banana team

Non-Profit Spotlight: Live Out Loud

Many of us are inspired by the stories we read about the bravery of those who blazed the trails to create a movement of equality. Many organizations have risen out of the needs to help the community due to crisis on demand. However, very few organizations have been created with the express goal to be strategic about a way forward for the next generation at the high school level while engaging multi-generations of the LGBT community. This year’s first feature is an organization doing just that. Live Out Loud is the product of a desire to help students. Leo Preziosi, Jr. founded the organization after learning of young people committing suicide due to a hostile school environment. His vision was “to create a world where Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender youth live PROUD, live OUT and live FREE”. Leo Preziosi, Jr. Founder and Executive Director Live Out Loud Since starting Live Out Loud , Leo has demonstrated that there are many ways in which to reach students. In

Guggenheim Partners Invites You to a Business Development Workshop

What Innovative Workshops for Diverse Business Owners When Tuesday, January 12, 2016, 8:30AM - 11:30AM Where Guggenheim Partners 330 Madison Avenue -  New York, NY 10017 Guggenheim Partners under the leadership of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion designed and launched Guggenheim’s Inclusive Vendor Process (Supplier Diversity). Our strategic focus on an ‘inclusive vendor process’ is to be inclusive in the sourcing and selection of our suppliers of services and products. We actively seek to identify and do business with firms owned by women, minorities, the LGBT community and veterans. As Guggenheim Partners enhances its level of inclusion, innovation and leadership through unique initiatives we strive to propel the growth and development of the communities we serve through business development programs and workshops. Please join us as we host: From Chasing After to Getting Chased:

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