Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Being Together Matters

“IM Creative translates brands into powerful live experiences,” stated IM Chief Creative Officer Shannon Morrison. IM Creative is a live event design and production firm based in Columbus, Ohio and New York City. Shannon and his partner in both life and work, CEO and Executive Producer Scott Ihrig, are experience designers that tackle global event production and campaign planning:

“What sparked our mutual love for the theater is the camaraderie, the emotional resonance and the profound impact that can come from sitting in a dark room with a bunch of strangers sharing an experience.  The tools of that trade - the combination of technology and light, of sound and of visuals, of content and form - those aren't just things we can manage.  We can uniquely stitch them all together to create a singular experience,” Shannon stated.

Scott Ihrig (L) CEO & Executive Producer
Shannon Morrison (R) Chief Creative Officer, IM Creative

Shannon studied playwriting at Yale, and then obtained an MFA in Musical Theater Writing from NYU (go violets!). Scott was a lawyer who decided to pursue his love for theater as an investor and producer for large-scale productions, including The Radio City Christmas Spectacular. When the two met in 2007, Scott was trying to figure out why business was not communicating more effectively with the tools of theater. Shannon was a Broadway producer disheartened by the fact that impactful storytelling wasn't always a valued commodity. The two found that their personal chemistry translated to their professional work: “Scott introduced me to a world of corporate and special events that appreciates a little bit of spectacle, a whole lot of design, and great big fresh ideas. What we found was that a unique alchemy occurs when we work together - one that is bold yet balanced, agile yet specific and above all else, creative,” Shannon said.

Shannon and Scott are thrilled to be certified members of the NGLCCNY, a group of people who Shannon says understands the value of being motivated by passion. The two joined in 2014, “Since joining, we both feel like our business has reached a new cruising altitude because of the knowledge, resources and relationships facilitated by NGLCC.  It is a joy to not only be a member, but to serve on committees and contribute content and make referrals and build alliances because we share so much with our fellow LGBTBEs and with the corporate members,” Shannon said. “To be a global company, you must do business in, around and through New York.  NGLCCNY helps us stay connected, and saves us time and money -- this chamber consists of some of the best talent and most dedicated professionals in the world.  I know that when I work with someone through the NGLCCNY, it will be a quality relationship,” he stated.

One of those relationships is with IM Creative’s mentor, Novartis. Novartis was IM Creative’s first match at Shannon and Scott’s first NGLCC national conference. Todd Bittiger connected Shannon and Scott to Sheri Shafir and the Novartis team. Shannon said IM Creative has garnered insights into how to build a better business through their work with Todd, Sheri, and other stakeholders at Novartis: “Novartis is investing in us as a vendor because they appreciate why we want to be a better partner - because being together matters. It’s a win-win.”

IM Creative also partners with LGBTBE certified Socio Experiences, a company that Shannon said shares he and Scott’s values: maniacal client focus, infectious excellence, refreshing creative, relentless collaboration and fearless authenticity: “What we've discovered through our time with Socio in the development of their innovative experiences is that the Socio mindset as it relates to procurement is just the tip of the iceberg.”

Shannon and Scott aim to work with every company who recognizes the power and potential of being together, “If that's another 5 clients or another 5,000, it doesn't matter.  We're doing what we are passionate about, and our passion translates to the work we do with our clients.”

When they aren’t jet setting around for work, Shannon and Scott are spending time with their two dogs Roxanne and Toby, enjoying everything that life throws at them, and talking about what’s next for IM Creative: “We're producers with deep, funny and bold ideas.  It's the best of Ihrig and Morrison, hence IM Creative.”   

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Written by Ashley Bellman,
Corporate Journalist, Media Communications Committee.

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