Thursday, October 1, 2015

Joanne Balady, Helping Clients Connect With Consumers

Branding is the New Black. Now more than ever your brand needs to stand out against the competition, the myriad of marketing messages that come at us every day. It’s great to have a plan to get your message out however, it is quite another story to stay in the forefront of someone’s attention when they need your services. 

Joanne Balady has built her business by helping her clients connect with their customers while maintaining their brand’s integrity.

”Our single focus is to help you connect directly and personally with your clients, prospects and employees. We work with you to communicate messages powerfully, consistently and creatively. Your success is our success.” – Joanne Balady, Founder/ President - Balady Promotions

Joanne was generous to share her thoughts on being in the promotions business, being a Certified LGBT Business Enterprise (LGBTBE) and how to create brand awareness through the use promotional items.

How did you decide to start a promotions services business? How long have you been in business? How has the promotional industry changed since you started your firm?

I was introduced to the promotional product industry back in 1982 while I was an intern at Pepsi Cola Company. I was offered a position working on Pepsi promotional programs by one of Pepsi's largest promotional suppliers at the time. It was a great learning experience...I was bitten by the promotional bug then and I have not looked back. I started my own business in 1989 in my dining room...with my contacts, a desk, typewriter, fax machine and phone- one woman with a dream to grow a company of passionate creative consultants that would help its clients stand out and prosper through the use of successful promotional and marketing programs. Currently, we are a team of 8 professional consultants that continue to partner and deliver positive results for our clients.

Our mission is to create long lasting partnerships with each client through exceptional service and impeccable brand control.

The industry has changed a great deal over the years ...many of the types of products used are different since we need items that are useful and that support our ever changing technological advancements. The internet has drastically changed our business. Our industry offers many online ordering solutions now that expedite the design and production of many products. Our reach is now global. We currently enjoy servicing clients in the USA as well as 26 countries.

When did you become aware of NGLCC or NGLCCNY? What prompted you to join? What has your experience been regarding building your business network and developing collaborations?

We met the members of NGLCC at the LGBT Expo in NYC back in 2011...we joined shortly after attending our first M3 event. Since then we have made many friends, some have become clients, suppliers and great connectors/supporters. We enjoy attending many chamber events and the NGLCC Annual Business and Leadership Conference. I am on the Supplier Diversity committee and help facilitate and moderate the Certified Superstar Events throughout the year. 

How long were you a member before getting certified? How did you determine certification was something you wanted for your business? How has certification impacted your business?

One of our corporate clients had recommended the certification to help us stand out and be counted as not only being a WBENC certified firm but also a LGBTBE certified firm.

How has your relationship with the chamber grown since getting certified?

Many of the members have become our clients and our suppliers...we support each other by helping each other with introductions, referrals, and also offer each other valuable products and services.

What would you say to NGLCCNY members questioning if certification is right for them?

Certification is a very powerful tool but you really have to work at developing relationships, building trust with members by providing great products and services and volunteering whenever possible to increase your visibility and credibility levels.

Ideally, who can benefit from your services? How might your services benefit NGLCCNY members as they build and grow their businesses?

Virtually every company can benefit from our services in one form or another. We not only help our clients advertise their brand through the use of promotional products for special events, new product launches, traffic building at trade shows, but we can also assist them when thanking their clients for business, recognizing employees with award programs for great performance, uniform their staff with fantastic decorated apparel options and so much more.

What else would you want NGLCCNY members to know about you?

As I mentioned above, I volunteer with the NGLCCNY ...and I am also a member of the board of trustees and volunteer at the PG Chambers School in NJ ...this is a wonderful school that offers limitless possibilities for children with disabilities. 

I enjoy bicycling, working out, singing, and walking- especially on the beach.

My wife, Loren, and I have been together for 18 years and we have 3 wonderful children that keep us very busy.

To learn more how Balady Productions can help you advertise your brand via promotional items contact Joanne and the Balady team at or chat them up at the next NGLCCNY M3 October 14th at J.P. Morgan Chase.

Written by Ingrid Galvez,
Chair, Diversity & Inclusion Outreach Committee, NGLCCNY
Organizational Development Consultant, Strategic Remedy Group

Interested in being featured? Please contact me at


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