Monday, August 10, 2015

NCA: An Affinity Inc. Magazine Top LGBTBE Company & National Conference B2B Boot Camp Leader

NGLCCNY member Neil Cerbone Associates and their communications platform, Priosys (short for Priority-Systems), has been recognized as one of Affinity Inc. Magazine's top 2015 LGBTBE companies.  Priosys is an easy-to-learn communication framework that helps you identify other people’s priorities and behaviors, so that everyone can communicate more effectively.  To see the article please click here.

In addition to being featured in Affinity Inc. Magazine, NCA delivers a pre-conference learning experience called the "B2B Boot Camp," at the NGLCC International Business & Leadership Conference.  First time conference attendees (and those who need a refresher), can find great ways to  connect with other LGBTBE's and prepare for this remarkable conference! 

To learn more about the NGLCC U Bootcamp, click here

Neil Cerbone, President & Founder of Priosys
and Neil Cerbone Associates

Thanks to Affinity Magazine, Inc and Robin Dillard for spotlighting our NGLCCNY Member, NCA. 

Posted by Sean Franklin,
Senior Associate, Media Communications Committee, NGLCCNY
Director of Client Services, L7zGroup

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