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Meet Tom Andrika, Business Development Manager for Fourth Wall Events

Tom Andrika is a passionate Business Development Manager at Fourth Wall Events : a global corporate meetings and event design, production and management company based in New York City. “It’s inspiring, it’s rewarding, and there is never a dull moment,” Tom said regarding the career path that Oprah inadvertently led him down. “I took a quiz on to find out what careers aligned with my passions, and what I should be doing for work. Event planning was at the top of my list.” With a degree in organizational leadership and development, Tom’s resume included everything from consulting to retail management to HR. It was Tom’s husband’s job that brought the two of them to New York. “New York can definitely be a tough market to break into and thanks to the support of Joe and finding a second family with my Fourth Wall colleagues it was made possible.” Since joining Fourth Wall in 2013, he has been helping the company rebrand and showcase their capabilities: “We provid

Non-Profit Spotlight: The Tyler Clementi Foundation

In the face of tragedy, the Clementi family has found the strength, faith and steadfastness to triumph over tragedy. Nearly 5 years ago a young Tyler Clementi went off to college to start the next phase of his life. Tyler was a smart and talented musician with a promising musical career ahead of him. For many, college is a place that they look forward to as find their way and navigate being on their own. Tyler was cyber-bullied and humiliated online by his roommate, who live streamed private moments in Tyler’s life for sport. Tyler Found out his roommate planned another invasion of privacy via twitter and shortly thereafter ended his life when he jumped off the George Washington Bridge. The Clementi family was thrust into the spotlight. They faced out pouring of support and criticism and in a sense were put in a similar situation as their son and brother. Their family's private pain was made public on a global scale. In the wake of their family's mourning the Clementi'

LGBT @ NYBG: Frida al Fresco Evening

NGLCCNY is proud to partner with NYBG for the LGBT @ NYBG series. LGBT @ NYBG is a new initiative that hosts events throughout the year to celebrate the LGBT community and its allies. Join us for a special Frida al Fresco evening and enjoy mingling with friends, colleagues, and families, or chatting with someone new.  If you're joining us for our Frida al Fresco LGBT Night on Thursday, July 16 from 6:30 - 9:30 p.m., you’re welcome to dress the part! Register in advance for our   Frida Look-Alike Contest   and receive free admission. Come decked out in your finest Frida or Diego ensemble for a chance at prizes from   Shop in the Garden   plus two tickets for an upcoming Frida al Fresco evening. Pre-registration is required for each person participating . A limit of 50 participants will be selected for each of the two contest categories. Approved participants will receive   complimentary Garden admission   for the event.   Enjoy this festive evening out at the Garden b