Monday, May 4, 2015

The Other Black Card

Do you have a credit or debit card? Would you enjoy getting deals with your travel, entertainment, and dining experiences…on top of the ones you may already get from your credit or debit card? If you answered yes to the above questions, and you have two minutes to fill out an application, you could be the perfect candidate to be the next chosen member of SELECT.

“It transforms any preexisting credit or debit card into a black card, and it gives you access to exclusive events savings and perks at thousands of locations across the globe,” according to Carlo Cisco, Founder and CEO of SELECT. “It works as an extension of your existing card.” It looks pretty cool too.

Carlo Cisco, Founder & CEO

SELECT started this past July with 300 members at inception. There are now more than 5,000 members with access to insider pricing and perks on everything from travel and entertainment to dining and nightlife; plus, the “other black card” only costs users 150 dollars a year. Carlo describes SELECT’s members as emerging urban professionals: “There is a level of exclusivity, and we're consistently amazed by the quality of applicants we're seeing,” he said.

The inherently ambitious Carlo Cisco has a firm grasp on what is takes to create and run a successful business. SELECT is his second LGBT certified technology start up and third spearheaded business venture.

 “I take calculated risks and I’m ready to get aggressive, especially once I see potential,” he stated.  

The risks have been well worth the rewards. Carlo’s resume includes running a successful events planning and promotions business as a college freshman at the University of Miami; working at a New York City hedge fund after graduating; living in Japan and working for Groupon in it’s early years; and starting a company called Foodfan: the startup that inspired SELECT.  

SELECT became LGBT certified when the company launched last July. Carlo said he knew the benefits that would breed from the overall exposure as an NGLCCNY member: “When you are a start-up, especially when you are first rolling out, it’s great to have advocates, especially in a focused community.”

Appropriately so, Carlo co-chairs the Startup/Tech industry Council at the NGLCCNY: “We want to have more collaborative relationships that start to build stronger synergies between startups and larger organizations.” Carlo said whether that is through events or mentoring programs, the NGLCCNY has an excellent network of successful business people: “I am someone who can benefit from having a mentor, and mentor someone else, and there are other companies in the network like that.” He said the council is working to grow and generate added awareness in the community about available resources.

SELECT has a broad range of benefits that reflect Carlo’s personal passions and pastimes like travel and indulgence in the New York City restaurant scene. As for SELECT’s future: “I think it’s absolutely just the beginning. I think this could be something really big and something really special,” Carlo said.

To apply for SELECT membership, go to

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Written by Ashley Bellman,
Corporate Journalist, Media Communications Committee.

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