Thursday, April 2, 2015

KEYLINGO Translations: The Right Words, Right Now

The first time I attended the NY Botanical Garden M3 was in 2013. That was also the first time I met Laurie Seliger, Managing Director of KEYLINGO Translations. Since 2013 I have seen Laurie at nearly every M3. I have had the privilege to get to know her and learn about KEYLINGO Translations and how businesses can benefit from their services.

As businesses boost their online business presence they can do so in a variety of languages and this a great opportunity for collaborating with KEYLINGO Translations. For the last four years Sherry Braun and Laurie Seliger have worked diligently to build KEYLINGO Translations, their translation services business. Their company motto says it all. “The right words, right now.” They have pooled their skills and capabilities to help individuals and businesses act locally, impact globally. Anyone anywhere can utilize their services. Whether their clients are individuals exacting transactions overseas or business owners looking to better connect with local markets KEYLINGO Translations helps businesses everywhere do business anywhere!

Tell me about KEYLINGO Translations. How did you decide to start a translation services business? How long have you been in business?

After many years in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industries we had the opportunity to attend an event on business ownership. We learned about the variety of businesses we could do based on our backgrounds as Marketing Professional and Research Scientist in the Pharmaceutical industry. After healthy research we decided that translation services are something that really lent itself to Sherry’s background in Marketing. Shortly after starting the business I joined Sherry and here we are celebrating 4 years in business as certified LGBTBE translating contracts, marketing collateral in any number of languages.

When did you become aware of NGLCC or NGLCCNY? What prompted you to join? How long were you members before getting certified? How did you determine certification was something you wanted for your business?

We actually did things in reverse in that we got certified first and then started networking. Sherry attended an event where she met Heather Cox of Certify My Company. They spoke about certifications and how businesses could benefit from being certified and Heather worked with us to get both NGLCC certification at the end of 2011 within the first year of starting our business and completed our WBENC certification in early 2012. We actually joined the NGLCCNY in March 2013 and immediately started attending the M3s.

What has your experience been regarding building your business network and developing collaborations?

What I have discovered is that showing up is the key. I find my presence is starting to pay off in that I have been fostering relationships and that takes time. I have learned that you just have to get yourself out there.

Sherry Braun (L) and Laurie Seliger (R)
KEYLINGO Translations

What would you say to NGLCCNY members questioning if certification is right for them?

The Supplier Diversity Roundtables for certified business have been a great resource. I have met other business owners navigating the corporate relationship development. Getting to meet corporate partners and learning about how to engage them to do business together. The roundtable meetings help foster relationships. They have helped me to keep learning about being in business. I have learned about pitching my business and reintroducing myself to people I have met and with whom I didn’t originally connect. The roundtables help me to keep showing up and practicing the pitch of my business. I have to say I have met some of the nicest people in business at the NGLCCNY.

How might your services benefit NGLCCNY members as they build and grow their businesses?

We offer free consultations to businesses looking to connect with new markets that speak different languages. We translate pretty much anything; handbooks, safety brochures, employee manuals, marketing collateral, contracts including real estate.
If you have a product you want to advertise we will work to identify the best approach for your product in a specific language speaking market. We can help business owners develop business streams by translating Marketing Collateral, Website content to enhance their presence ultimately reach other markets.

What is one thing you would you like the membership to know and remember about KEYLINGO Translation?
“We help businesses everywhere do business anywhere!”

Laurie may be reached at the following:

Laurie Seliger
Managing Director
Princeton Forrestal Center
116 Village Blvd
Suite 200
Princeton, NJ 08540
Tel: 609.423.1077

You may also chat up Laurie at the next Members' Monthly Mixer (M3).

Written by Ingrid Galvez
Diversity Inclusion & Outreach Chair

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