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Singer/Songwriter Laura Lee Bishop Stands Up

Laura Lee Bishop is  a talented singer/songwriter from East Texas with an NYU education and a passionately profound opinion she is not afraid to voice. The strength of her voice is undeniable. Whether watching her perform live or listening to one of her empowering pop/rock songs like  “ Real Man, ”   ( or my personal favorite,  “ Those Girls ” ) she sings with a conviction that is inspiring. But last week, her strength was voiced in a different way. "What inspires me is truth. I know the truth. And when you know something, when it is written on your heart, flowing through your veins, when it is a part of you, it cannot be denied. I know my truth. Every human being on this planet deserves to be treated with respect. No one should ever have to be treated the way the members of the LGBT and black communities have been treated in this country. That is truth. That ’ s what inspires me," Laura Lee stated. A local paper in Laura Lee ’ s hometown,

2015 Conference Matchmaker Registration is Open

Connecting certified LGBTBE and NGLCC Corporate Partners The NGLCC is excited to announce the launch of the 2015 Conference Matchmakers portal. If you are a certified LGBTBE you can begin the process of  scheduling  your one-on-one meetings with representatives from over 150 corporations looking to do business with you! Not certified yet? Learn more about how  NGLCC certification  opens the doors to corporate contracting opportunities and educational offerings to help grow your business by visiting . The  2015 International Business & Leadership Conference  promises to build on the success of last year's conference and again provide one of the most powerful business opportunities available to LGBTBEs. Last year over 400 matchmaker meetings occurred, and we are confident that 2015 will see the most effective matches for our LGBTBEs and corporate partners.  Jennifer Brown, Founder and CEO of  Jennifer Brown Consulting   meeting with William Kapfer, Vice

Journalist and Storyteller, Ashley Bellman

As many of us focus on doing our jobs, building our businesses, spreading the word on LGBT certification we have become accustomed to meeting and working with allies across the city. Allies are some of the most effective voices in helping others understand the importance of equality, fairness, acceptance and mutual respect. We at the NGLCCNY are very lucky to have an ally joining the Media Communications Committee as a Corporate Journalist. Ashley Bellman’s role will be focused on interviewing featured Members, Corporate Partners, Non-Profits and covering the events and programming produced by the Chamber. Ashley Bellman I recently had the privilege of sitting down with Ashley and got to learn more about the latest addition to the NGLCCNY team. Ashley Bellman is a poised young woman with a polite, unassuming air that is literally just the surface. Ashley hails from Newton, PA, a Philadelphia suburb.   She understands diversity coming from an Italian/Portuguese family

Bailey House: Housing is a Fundamental Human Right

In the early days of HIV/AIDS many had nowhere to turn for supportive services. That changed when a group of men and women came to together and changed the way that men living with AIDS were treated and supported. Bailey House was the country’s first residence for people living with HIV/AIDS.   Since 1983 the folks at Bailey House have been instrumental in raising awareness of the epidemic as well as helping set stage for addressing the needs that people with HIV/AIDS face in New York City and across the country. Bailey House has established services in the neighborhoods with the highest incident of HIV Infection to address the needs as related to housing placement, substance abuse services, and job training. Things are not as grim as they once were for those infected. Bailey House is open to all affected by HIV/AIDS and their families. They have developed programming and services as the needs of clients have evolved in underserved communities. They provide services needed

KEYLINGO Translations: The Right Words, Right Now

The first time I attended the NY Botanical Garden M3 was in 2013. That was also the first time I met Laurie Seliger, Managing Director of KEYLINGO Translations . Since 2013 I have seen Laurie at nearly every M3. I have had the privilege to get to know her and learn about KEYLINGO Translations and how businesses can benefit from their services. As businesses boost their online business presence they can do so in a variety of languages and this a great opportunity for collaborating with KEYLINGO Translations . For the last four years Sherry Braun and Laurie Seliger have worked diligently to build KEYLINGO Translations, their translation services business. Their company motto says it all. “The right words, right now.” They have pooled their skills and capabilities to help individuals and businesses act locally, impact globally. Anyone anywhere can utilize their services. Whether their clients are individuals exacting transactions overseas or business owners looking to better co