Friday, December 5, 2014

Healthcare Options for Small Business Owners

With November 15 marking the kickoff of the 2015 open enrollment period for the state’s new health insurance marketplace, NY State of Health, health insurance is once again top of mind for many small employers.

As small business owners begin looking at purchasing 2015 coverage, they should  consider checking out their options through New York’s new marketplace for small businesses, called the Small Business Health Options Program, or SHOP for short. SHOP is open to employers with fewer than 50 employees and offers year‐round enrollment. SHOP offers several benefits including competitive pricing and tax credits to eligible small businesses that purchase coverage through the program.

Small business owners can visit NY State of Health’s website to browse available plans and enroll in one that works for their business. If small employers want assistance in finding a plan, NY State of Health offers resources to connect small business owners with certified health insurance brokers who can help with the enrollment process. Small Business Majority also offers an online calculator for small employers to determine if their business is eligible for a tax credit through SHOP.

If small business owners want more information, Small Business Majority offers certified educators who can answer questions about the enrollment process. To find out about events in your area or contact an expert, take a look at our New York outreach calendar, or check out our NY Health Coverage Guide for a wealth of information about SHOP and enrollment.


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