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Meet The Team at CreagerCole Communications

Interview by Ingrid Galvez
NGLCCNY Diversity Inclusion Outreach Chair

Last year I had the pleasure of being introduced to Cindi Creager and Rainie Cole Co-Founders of CreagerCole Communications.  Whether working with professionals on public speaking for personal/professional growth to working with individuals thrust into the spotlight for high profile media appearances, these professionals transfer their calm, cool collected air to their clients so that they may be able to handle the anxiety and pressure of the media spotlight.

CreagerCole Communications is comprised of two talented, dedicated and thriving members of the NGLCCNY whose impact is far reaching. From actors like James Franco on handling inappropriate interview questions for his role in the film MILK to Janice Langbehn, who was thrust into the media spotlight after challenging the unfair treatment of her family during the passing of her partner in a Miami hospital to Rachel B. Tiven, former Executive Director of Immigration Equality attorneys fighting on the frontline of immigration reform; CreagerCole Communications works with their clients to craft and hone their message so that it is heard over the noise of media scrutiny.

CreagerCole communications has its finger on the pulse of media relations and it is my privilege to bring you my interview with these very talented ladies.

Tell me about CreagerCole Communications and how you came up with the idea for your business? 

Cindi’s background in local and national news coupled with the media advocacy and communications positions she held at GLAAD and the NYC LGBT Center were the springboards for starting CreagerCole Communications.

Rainie moved to New York City to be a singer/actress and spent a good deal of her life here performing. She also discovered that she had the additional skill of promoting her solo cabaret shows. Now, through CreagerCole Communications, she is passionate about promoting other people.

We also love working together.

From Cindi:

“I love working with my wife, Rainie Cole. She is my rock in life and in business. Theres no one I trust or rely upon more.”

From Rainie:

“Sharing my life and my work with my wife Cindi is the biggest gift of all. Our combined personal and professional skill sets are a winning combination.” 

What sets CreagerCole Communications apart from others in PR & Communications?

Some skills can’t be taught. Many have told us that we have a gift for making people feel respected and valued. It could be the way we see the potential in people who may not initially see it in themselves. Perhaps it’s our desire to lift people up and empower them to be their best. Whatever that special something, it really does make a difference and it’s what makes our services unique.

One of our clients, world-renowned classical pianist Sara Davis Buechner, sums up our work even better:

“In the field of media relations, Cindi Creager and Rainie Cole have the insight, the determination, the creativity, and a reputation of gold standard to make the connections for their clients that matter most. To all of these talents they bring a personal touch and sensitivity that is rare in todays world of communications. And from my own personal experience - - matching my own story up with a Pulitzer-Prize-winning writer from The New York Times to tell it in just the right way- - I can attest that they have the goods to make the best kind of miracles happen.”

Ideally, who can benefit from your services?

We work with individuals, organizations and businesses who need help with media relations/public relations, media training (becoming a successful media spokesperson) public speaking prep, and message development. We have an expertise in LGBT issues.

Our motto: “We teach clients to cut through the clutter and get to the point so they shine in the spotlight.”

We work with LGBT and human rights organizations that need public relations assistance but may not be big enough to hire a full-time communications staff or they have limited communications support, and require an outside PR effort to promote their programs. We also work with authors, filmmakers, and artists who have new products to promote. In addition, we work with businesses, ensuring they are up to speed on terminology and overall best practices when working with the LGBT community. And we also help larger businesses and LGBT and human rights organizations by taking on specific PR projects in collaboration with their established communications teams. Bottom line, if we believe in your vision, your mission, or your product, and think we’re the right fit, we’ll gladly pursue a business agreement with you.

How did you become aware of NGLCCNY?

We learned about NGLCCNY from our friend who is a member, Amy Mayes, owner of Amy Mayes Photography. Amy invited us as guests to a NGLCCNY holiday gathering last December.

What was your initial impression? How has that changed over the last year?

From the moment we walked into our first NGLCCNY event we felt instantly welcomed and supported as a lesbian-owned business. The NGLCCY team is extremely smart, savvy, diverse, passionate and devoted to helping business owners like us. Our positive impression has only grown over time.

How has CreagerCole Communications been impacted since joining the NGLCCNY?

We have made wonderful friends and connections that have greatly enriched our lives and our business. Before we joined NGLCCNY, we felt a bit alone in the world as a small, lesbian-owned firm. Now we’re able to bounce ideas off other business owners on a regular basis. We have also been learning how to navigate the legal and administrative requirements of small business ownership. NGLCCNY’s overall resources coupled with the advice of its more experienced members have bolstered our efforts.

What special projects are you currently working on and how might NGLCCNY members support your endeavors?

We are currently working to promote the Arcus Foundation and Institute for the Future’s #My2024 Campaign, a national online conversation that asks the LGBT movement to collectively help shape positive futures by the year 2024.

We’re also working with Equality Card, a credit card startup that allows consumer and business cardholders to donate 1 percent of purchases back to LGBT nonprofits of their choice.

In addition we are handling day-to-day public relations efforts for two national LGBT nonprofits: The Transgender Legal Defense &Education Fund and Family Equality Council.  We are also working on a special project with the True Colors Fund. And on the artistic side, we’re promoting a Brooklyn-based, up-and-coming Americana band, The Sometime Boys.

NGLCCY can support our endeavors by spreading the word to those who may be looking for a small and special PR firm like ours. Thank you NGLCCNY!

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