Monday, August 11, 2014

Ingrid Galvez Headlines at Rainbow Fashion Week

In June, Rainbow Fashion Week, Inc. (RFW) debuted with an inaugural series of events to celebrate NY Pride. 2014. Officially recognized by the City of New York – RFW advocates pride while encouraging camaraderie between the LGBTQ community and supporters of equality. RFW also highlights the importance of social responsibility.

Rainbow Fashion Week, Inc. (RFW) presented “50 Top New Media Moguls,” on Friday June 20th, to jumpstart NY Pride 2014. The all-inclusive cocktail event recognized a diverse group of prominent LGBTQ community members, along with straight allies and friends, across multiple platforms that include; Fashion, Music, Entertainment, Art, Philanthropy, Television, Beauty, and Technology. Headlining this year’s event; Ingrid Galvez, Diversity Outreach Chair of National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce New York; Toyce Francis, Founder of;Tyrone Farley, Founder of True Fashionista NowTahiry Jose, star of “Love & Hip Hop NY” on VH1; and legendary entertainerAmanda Lepore, who accepted her recognition with a heartfelt video message to the crowd. RFW made history with a proclamation from New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, officially declaring June 20th through June 27th as Rainbow Fashion Week.

Ingrid Galvez
Diversity & Inclusive Outreach Chair, NGLCCNY

Excerpt from address at the event:

“As the Diversity and Inclusion Chair at NGLCCNY I work specifically to address the needs of women, people of color and non-profits. My goal is to have the chamber be representative of our community at large. I work to highlight the talent within our community as well as nurture and develop the next generation of entrepreneurs”.  

“My work at the NGLCCNY is focused on cultivating networking opportunities in a safe space where you can share who you are, what you do and with whom you want to do business. We offer the chance to learn from those already in business, engage with potential mentors, develop business contacts, collaborative partnerships, and as well provide support to the SGL/LGBTQ non-profits so that they may continue their good works”.

“We plug along to do our best for those around us and we don’t stop to have a look at our progress. This Honor is gave me that pause and for that – I am truly appreciative”.

“It was my privilege to accept this award for my work at the NGLCCNY and The Imperial Court of New. It was truly rewarding to receive acknowledgement of my efforts to advance our community in business and philanthropy”.

Sponsored by Gay City News, honorees were recognized in three separate categories; Gilbert Baker Legacy, Brenda Howard Trailblazer, and Community Empowerment.Ingrid Galvez, Diversity and Inclusion Chair was honored with the Brenda Howard Trailblazer Award.

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