Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Startup/Tech Industry Council

written by Gonzo Araya

It's simple.  There was a need and so we created it. "Timing" although, as they say, is everything.

Gonzo Araya, Executive Committee Chair and now, also Co-Chair of STIC, had this vision two years ago - just not the proper bandwidth. Carlo Cisco, now also Co-Chair of STIC, joined the chamber last year. Carlo made great impact in Dallas, at the NGLCC National Conference "Roll the Dice"- where Gonzo had Carlo in his peripheral. Being fairly new to the Chamber, Carlo was attending Neil's Bootcamp at the conference; Gonzo happened to be supporting Neil during his programming. This is where Gonzo and Carlo met and have remain connected ever since.

On more local grounds - NYC - and also participating in "like-minded" professional events, we began having more candid conversations about the needs (or gaps) in the landscape, especially as it applied to us startup/tech firms and of course, our members.  

"Fishing" and assessing as I (Gonzo) truly was, I admired Carlo's passion, resilience and ability to help both himself and his business move forward.  Naturally (of course), I tasked Carlo to come up with a proposal - why not, right? What I identified in him and in myself via this process, is not just a solve for "bandwidth" but true partnership - "Co-Chairs."

With vision fruition and great effort, "we" introduce and welcome you to not just another niche group, it is a platform… the NGLCCNY's Startup/Tech Industry Council (STIC).

Mission: To further the success of LGBT technology businesses and professionals by encouraging collaboration and networking with other technology companies and across industries through involvement in the NGLCCNY.

Vision, Promise & Purpose: The technology industry is growing quickly and is an increasingly important industry for job creation and business opportunity.  We need to foster the involvement of these companies and professionals in the NGLCCNY through events, networking, educational panels and business opportunities.  While the general opportunities the chamber provides are valuable a tech/startup focused council will add additional value for these companies and professionals as well as the chamber as a whole.

Many LGBT entrepreneurs and larger LGBT-friendly technology companies are not aware of the potential benefits of the NGLCCNY.  Opportunities to connect with seasoned LGBT entrepreneurs, professionals, and corporate representatives, who can offer advice, support and ultimately help grow LGBT businesses.  Additionally larger tech firms can benefit from showing their support for the community and demonstrating acceptance and advocacy for LGBT professionals within their organizations.  With both the LGBT and Tech communities growing in New York City it’s time to collaborate and help each other create successful companies and continue to prosper.

Additionally, we want to encourage LGBT technology and startup professionals to collaborate with each other, other members of the chamber, corporate partners and community partners.

We are more than happy to share our new local partnerships with the following that have already become a part of this movement and believe in our STIC mission:
  • Google
    • NGLCCNY Corporate Partner
    • NGLCCNY STIC Corporate Ambassador
  • StartOut
    • NGLCCNY STIC Community Ambassador
  • Lesbians Who Tech
    • NGLCCNY STIC Community Ambassador
Currently we are sourcing for Ambassadors that are of like-minded business focus and who bring integrity, transparency, commitment and a true collaborative spirit, in addition to their brand's names or an individual's DNA. We are a culture of true entrepreneurial collaborators where complimentary partnership is the natural desire - not competitiveness. 

For your candidacy and interest in becoming a STIC Ambassador  please email Gonzo Araya at gonzalo@nglccny.org.

We look forward to meeting you all at the next M3 on May 21st, at 6pm, at Heartland Brewery Burger.  RSVP at events@nglccny.org.

As Co-Chairs, we welcome you and your friends to bring your Geek-On!  

Learn more about us here:  Gonzo  &  Carlo

Gonzo Araya
NGLCCNY Executive Committee Media Communications Chair
and Startup/Tech Industry Council Co-Chair
Creative Principal, L7z Group
Co-Founder/COO, Titanium Worldwide

Carlo Cisco
NGLCCNY Startup/Tech Industry Council Co-Chair
CEO, Select

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