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Queer Women Who Tech Summit 2014 in New York

NGLCCNY is excited to partner with the Lesbians Who Tech Summit to offer a special discount code for the Queer Women Who Tech Summit , June 19-22 in New York. NGLCCNY members get 25% off with the code  LWTNGLCCNY . Reserve your spot today by clicking here . Lesbians Who Tech is the community of queer women in/around the tech world (and the people who love them).  Started in 2012 in San Francisco, the community has over 4,000 women and chapters in 14 cities. Whether you work at a tech company, have a technical job, or just love technology. Even if you're just obsessed with every new app that comes out, Lesbians who Tech wants you to get geeky with techy folks just like you, land gigs, and make new friends and connections.  The Lesbians Who Tech Summit is open to everyone! This is a "male-friendly" event; we welcome your participation and encourage your advocacy.

Startup/Tech Industry Council

written by Gonzo Araya It's simple.  There was a need and so we created it. "Timing" although, as they say, is everything. Gonzo Araya, Executive Committee Chair and now, also Co-Chair of STIC, had this vision two years ago - just not the proper bandwidth. Carlo Cisco, now also Co-Chair of STIC, joined the chamber last year. Carlo made great impact in Dallas, at the NGLCC National Conference "Roll the Dice"- where Gonzo had Carlo in his peripheral. Being fairly new to the Chamber, Carlo was attending Neil's Bootcamp at the conference; Gonzo happened to be supporting Neil during his programming. This is where Gonzo and Carlo met and have remain connected ever since. On more local grounds - NYC - and also participating in "like-minded" professional events, we began having more candid conversations about the needs (or gaps) in the landscape, especially as it applied to us startup/tech firms and of course, our members.   "Fishing" an

NGLCCNY Non-Profit Member Marriage Equality USA and their National Gala

It’s almost time for NGLCCNY member Marriage Equality USA’s 16 th annual National Gala! This amazing event will take place on May 19 th in New York City and honor, amongst others, Mayor Bill de Blasio and, and after 17 years of service in a variety of roles, retiring Board Chair Cathy Marino-Thomas. Get your tickets today and help us celebrate and continue the fight for full equality .  As the nation's oldest and largest organization working on the issue of marriage equality, Marriage Equality USA has helped over 120 million Americans to obtain access to full civil marriage equality in 17 states and the District of Columbia. This is our chance to celebrate and support the work of people centrally involved in reaching this incredible moment in history. Mayor Bill de Blasio This year, we have the privilege to honor Mayor Bill de Blasio , for his impressive work supporting LGBTQ families in New York. He worked tirelessly to establish New York City´s d