Monday, April 7, 2014

NGLCCNY Non-Profit Member: The Bronx LGBTQ Center

The Bronx LGBTQ Center:  Dedicated to Building a Full Service Community Center for the Gay Community in Bronx County

In the brief 2 year period that the new Bronx LGBTQ Center has been in existence, a small group of volunteers has dedicated their time and energy to the idea that the Gay community in the Bronx deserves a Social Service Center capable of addressing all of their needs and we have taken significant steps to make that concept a reality.

The Center has sponsored each summer, a highly successful Bronx LGBTQ Pride & Health Fair at Crotona Park.  This year's event will take place July 19th, 2014.  The event has been attended by numerous entertainers, vendors, elected officials, and other dignitaries as well as by thousands of participants.   We also sponsor a free legal clinic, every first and third Tuesday of the month from 6pm-8pm, that assists clients in dealing with the many legal matters that LGBTQ people face.  In addition, we also provide an LGBTQ Youth Group is meeting every Friday from 4pm-5pm at Union Community Health Center, 260 East 188th Street. 

On major holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, we join with a local Lutheran church to provide a safe space and "pot luck" meals where LGBTQ people can fellowship.  Additionally, we are working on sponsorship of 12 step recovery programs with a local health facility.

We are now ready to take our mission to the next level by creating a permanent home for our organization that can handle critical health matters such as HIV/AIDS, as well as the many other socioeconomic challenges that our community faces.  We encourage others who share our visioin to join us in making this goal a reality in the near future.

For more information on our legal clinic, email or call 212-353-9118 and for our LGBTQ youth space, dial 718-618-8569

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