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Exciting Opportunity for NGLCCNY Members plus Exclusive Discount!

Powerful YOU  is the latest creation from innovator Richard Oceguera; Networking Expert, Professional Speaker, and Author; and it was designed to give you access to Unleashing the Powerhouse Within. Creating a dynamic presence, inside and out,   is the primary focus of Powerful YOU . How to cultivate it (or coax it out of hiding); what blocks it, and how to literally design a new mindset that propels you forward. Keep reading for special offer just for NGLCCNY Members and Fans You'll walk away from this 1-day intensive with: A deep connection to your life's purpose and how that relates to your business Access to unleashing your inner powerhouse The ability to be engaging and dynamic on stage, in front of a camera or one-to-one with a prospect  The same confidence-building mindset tools Richard used to go from wallflower to people magnet Money-making networking strategies that are actually fun As if all that weren't enough, Richard has lined up a d

10 Tips for the Diverse Supplier

By Joseph Ligammari Corporate Vice President, Procurement New York Life Insurance Company For nearly twenty years as a procurement professional I have seen all manners of proposals and presentations from suppliers.  Some are slick, some are fancy with bells and whistles, some are simple and earnest.  Some hit the mark and capture the attention needed to become a supplier, while others fumble a prime opportunity.  The Proposal and Supplier Presentations are prime opportunities for you to demonstrate your capabilities and value.  Many suppliers view them as nuisance instead of a useful tool in building a relationship. As a diverse supplier you face many challenges, the proposal and supplier presentation needed be one of them.  I’ve put together a series of tips and suggestions that can help you focus your pitch to greater success! Tip 1 – Be Patient.  New supplier adoption is not always an easy or quick process.  In many larger organizations it may t

Steve Warren Celebrates 50 Years in Radio with "Victory Lap" Speaking Tour

Steve Warren , veteran Radio Personality, Program Director, Consultant, and Producer, has reached a radio milestone not many other broadcast professionals can claim.  50 years in Radio.  Steve is still going strong as Host/Producer of the weekly “Country Oldies Show” on the Envision Radio Network. He was one of the first Program Director and On-Air personalities at Sirius Satellite Radio developing all of Sirius’ Country music Channels. Recently, he’s been back at SiriusXM as a News Announcer for the Howard Stern Show, he is author of RADIO: The Book, the best-selling book on Radio programming (Focal Press), and finally, he is Executive Producer of Chinamerica Hit Radio, a 24 hour Internet stations featuring top Contemporary Chinese  Pop Music. There’s a lot more… Full press release below. July 29, 2013 New York Veteran Radio Personality, Program Director, Consultant, and Producer, Steve Warren has reached a radio milesto

NGLCCNY Bronze Member OFFSITE Offers Members 5% Discount

OFFSITE: A Private Meeting and Events Space Designed and wired to inspire creativity and optimize productivity, OFFSITE was literally built from the ground up with the perfect gathering in mind. From the state-of-the-art A/V system to the comfortable yet versatile decor, this sprawling, 3-story enclave offers the ideal backdrop for your next board meeting, brainstorming session, focus group, product launch or social event. Centrally located in the heart of midtown Manhattan, OFFSITE is a new, trendy space that is breaking out of the mold of "old-fashioned" event spaces. When you rent OFFSITE, our staff is here to help you every step of the way - and make your job easier! You also get access to our entire space - all three levels - so you can wander around and find your sweet spot. Maybe have breakfast on our lounge-like Main Floor, host the bulk of your meeting at our 30-person conference table on our Mezzanine and then break out in smaller discussion groups througho

10 Must-Dos to Communicate Effectively

By David Grossman, ABC, APR, Fellow PRSA Savvy business leaders have seen firsthand the power of good communication with employees, and how it can drive business success from the inside out. While good internal communication gets the message out, great internal communication helps employees connect the dots between the business strategy and their role. In other words, when it's good, it informs; when it's great, it engages employees and moves them to action. Quite simply, it helps people and organizations become even better. Since you're communicating with or without intention, you might as well get good at it. Here are 10 tips for effective leadership communication: Communicate with integrity:   Tell the truth always and without exception. Your credibility is at stake. Make time to communicate and make the most of that time:   Set up regular face-to-face communication opportunities. Remember the basics:   Who, what, where, when, why a