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1st Annual Social Enterprise Awards & Wine Tasting Honoring HIV Law Project

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March is Colorectal Awareness Month

MAIN STREETS GO BL UE Community event provides FREE colorectal cancer screenings for men and women New York, NY (February 29 , 2012) - It’s not just NY Giants fan s seeing blue these days. You may have noticed that downtown ha s changed colors – that’s because March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. The American Cancer Society and New York State Cancer Services Program have joined forces with this month’s “Main Street Goes Blue” campaign. Blue is the universally recognized color for colorectal can cer, the third leading cause of cancer death in the United States. “Main Street Goes Blue” is a community-wide event that raises awareness about colorectal cancer and provides free screenings to both men and women with little or no health insurance. “This is an incredible opportunity to remind men and women over age 50 to get screened,” said Myrna Duarte, director for the American Cancer Society. “Early detection is critical. When colorectal cancers are detected at

Member Insider: Blue Peach Media

Like the entire world, Gavin Grace had no idea his life would be dramatically changed when he woke up the morning of September 11, 2001. But unlike the entire world, he used the tragedy of the events as an impetus to redefine his professional priorities and begin an entirely new entity from scratch. Please join me for this inspiring interview about one member's struggles and triumphs, the range of services he offers through his Blue Peach Media company, as well as some very special work opportunities for NGLCCNY members. Damon L. Jacobs: Tell me how Blue Peach Media came about. Gavin Grace: I went to Art School here in New York, and became an intern at a film production company. Then I got into shooting film and video, editing, and graphics. After 9/11 the company kind of splintered. Our offices were across the street from the World Trade Center in the Century 21 building. The company limped along for a bit, but then I decided to start my own company, Blue Peach Media,

Member Insider: New York Life

When we think of longstanding financial institutions, many of us typically don't automatically associate "humanity, warmth, and spirituality" as descriptions. Yet as I learned from Angela Daniels, Assistant Vice President of Women's Markets, LGBT Initiative and Young Professionals Market, at New York Life Insurance , these are exactly the values that infuse her hard work and commitment every single day. Please join me for this enlightening Spotlight with a community leader who synthesizes heart, compassion, and integrity with insurance marketing. Damon L. Jacobs: Tell us about your work with New York Life. Angela Daniels: In June I will celebrate twenty-five years with New York Life. I work as a Market Manager for three of our target markets: Women’s Market, LGBT Market, and the Young Professionals Market. I help our field management recruit, develop, and educate our agents in providing the best financial products for our clients. Damon L. Jacobs: What are so