Wednesday, November 11, 2020

nglccNY Member Brian Gorman Set for TEDx Talk in December

 nglccNY is thrilled to share news that member Brian Gorman has been selected to deliver remarks at #Redefine 2020, “a unique interactive virtual program” set for December 6th and organized by TEDx Hartford. Brian is a revered and sought-after Certified Professional Coach who has helped numerous individuals and businesses navigate change and find success. He is also a member of the Forbes Coaches Council, among his many credentials. His TEDx talk will focus on “a universal path to navigating change on the individual level in times of transition and transformation.”

nglccNY’s Media & Communications Chair Cindi Creager had a chance to speak with Brian about his upcoming TEDx talk. Read the Q & A below.


Cindi: How did your upcoming TEDx Talk come about?

Brian:  It was a somewhat random connection on LinkedIn over the holidays last year. The individual I connected with often coaches people on preparing for TED and TEDx talks and has done several TEDx talks himself. We just hit it off and I was telling him about my work and my entire career. The common thread has been change.

I mentioned to him that I had written a chapter in the “Handbook of Personal and Organizational Transformation” and offered to share it with him. Within a day he got back to me and he said, ‘You should be doing a TED talk. You should be doing a TEDx talk. You have to apply.’

And I did. I actually applied for several TEDx talks around the country. Of course, after COVD-19 many of them either went virtual immediately or in some cases they were canceled but I was selected as a prospective speaker, then interviewed and selected as speaker for TEDx Hartford.

They have been wonderful in terms of supplying me with a coach to help me prepare and she has really helped me turn what I believe was a strong presentation into a powerful story that I'll be sharing on December 6th.

Cindi:  That's exciting, to say the least. Can you give a little preview of your talk?

Brian: So my story, really, Cindi, begins with the fact that I was born on December 24th, 1949, and it takes us through to the present day and over the course of that lifetime, if you will, I share some of my own personal transformations from an introverted Eagle Scout when I went away to college, to the proud, out gay man that I am today. I will go more deeply into a few of the transformations, like when I took in a homeless gay teenager and subsequently adopted him and he became my son.

From my story and from the many change journeys that I have taken myself and taken others through, I draw on a number of lessons that I will offer to the TEDx audience in my talk.

Cindi: What do you think nglccNY members will learn from your remarks?  

Brian: One foundation that I address in my talk and that I think is important for everyone in the world, including nglccNY members, is that, and I'm paraphrasing Joseph Campbell here, in “The Hero with a Thousand Faces,” he taught us that while we approach each change in our life like it is unique and unpredictable, it's not. Through our lifetimes and the lifetimes of all those who have gone before us, there is only one change journey that we repeat over and over and over again. So my talk is really about sharing how to successfully move through the disruptive changes we face in our lives.

Cindi:  Well that has never been more relevant than during COVID. Can you comment on that that?

Brian: Absolutely. I have been in touch with hundreds of business owners, since the lockdown, if you will, including many who have been going through NGLCC’s XLR8 program. Typically, there are two reactions. One is victim, and one is victor. And clearly those in the XLR8 program are working toward victory over the disruptions of the pandemic, and so are my clients.

Cindi, we can't determine the hand we're dealt, but it's always up to us how to play it. My talk and all of the transformation work that I do is about learning how, given the circumstances that we find ourselves in, we play a winning hand.

Cindi: Wow, that’s powerful. Is there anything else you’d like to add, Brian?

Brian: People can register to watch at

Cindi: Thank you so much, Brian. I look forward to watching and encourage all of our nglccNY members to tune in as well!