Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Third Round Biz Pitch Winner! David Suk, CEO & Co-Founder of Saint Luna

David Suk, CEO and Co-founder of Saint Luna

On September 30th David Suk was crowned the winner in the third round of nglccNY’s Biz Pitch, sponsored by EY. David is the CEO and Co-founder of Saint Luna. 

“Saint Luna is a charcoal filtered moonshine that's made with molasses and rye. The flavor notes include a nice bit of subtle smokiness from the charred oak that we use,” he said. “I like to talk about the front of the palette being that molasses. And the caramel flavors that you get pair really well with the spicy pepperiness of the rye that tends to hit the back of the palette. Normally when I do these kinds of presentations, I usually know what people's favorite cocktails are so I can guide them through making their favorite cocktail with Saint Luna. I think it makes it a little bit more identifiable and a little bit more personal.” 

David says he enjoyed the Biz Pitch experience because “I always love new opportunities to pitch my brand. Everybody was super friendly and the feedback was great.” 

His advice for other businesses vying for a win in the Biz Pitch competition: 

“I just told my story. The story of the brand, how I thought of it and my experience in the industry. The pitch deck used is something I’ve adjusted over time, based on previous feedback from other business prospects. By the time I did the big pitch with EY, it was probably my 37th version of that pitch deck.” 

He says the Biz Pitch is important because “it gives people the ability to practice and refine their pitch. I received an impartial view that I might not get from pounding the pavement every day giving my pitch in a typical environment. I think the networking and the contacts are always great because I'm a huge believer in six degrees of separation and that one person on the phone that might go, ‘Hey, actually my cousin owns a bar. I'd love to introduce you,’ or my cousin or my friend or whomever that person might be; that stuff is always helpful in finding new clients.” 

David says he’s looking forward to competing in the finals as well as other prospects ahead. “I'm excited for what's to come. I'm excited for all the great opportunities that EY and nglccNY provide. I'm beyond excited that EY supports minority run businesses like ours.” 

The fourth round of the nglccNY and EY Biz Pitch is set for October 22nd. Register here.

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