Monday, October 21, 2019

Biz Pitch Spotlight

In our third installation of the 2019 nglccNY Biz Pitch, sponsored by EY on September 24, 2019, we heard from another fantastic round of LGBTBEs. Similar to the first round held in January and the second round held in June, two of the four suppliers were selected to advance to the final round which will be held in December. The grand prize is a full scholarship to attend the “Building a High-Performing Business” program at Dartmouth College’s TuckSchool of Business.

Joining the previous winners (Translator LLC and Five North Chocolate from the first round and PILOT Coaching and Play Out Apparel from the second round) Fabio Pereira and Brandan Keaveny of Data Ethics and Jo Schneier and Doug Krehbiel of will be in the final competition. Both winners talked with Michael Venturiello, a member of the nglccNY Media & Communications Committee, to share their experiences. Dwayne Samuels of DS2 Corporate Relocation Services also competed in the third round of Biz Pitch.

Biz Pitch contestants and EY panel of judges and representatives pose for photo following competition.

Data Ethics, “your professional data partner,” has been certified as an LGBTBE with nglccNY since July of 2019. “The support from the Chamber is great,” Keaveny shared. “It’s the fact that there are these regular events, and not only for opportunities to network but opportunities to grow.” In recapping his experience at the most recent round of the Biz Pitch, Keaveny said that “everyone at EY was incredibly welcoming.” There was also a communal feeling in the audience and from those competing on stage. “From the previous networking events and other opportunities, it felt like you were competing with friends, not against strangers.”
Brandan Keaveny of Data Ethics.

Similarly, has felt the positive impacts of the Chamber within their own business. “Trusty builds health and insurance software for one of the most overlooked markets, the half of Americans that receive their insurance from government-sponsored plans,” and with diversity being a core tenant of his company, Jo Schneier really appreciates the chance to meet other diverse businesses who are committed to this practice. “I met different people who I see future partnerships evolving with through the community.” On sharing his experience with the Biz Pitch, Jo adds, “the Biz Pitch helped frame what we’re doing in a new way. It helped us see a new perspective on the business that we hadn’t seen before, which is a critical component to success.”

Winners of nglccNY Third Round of Biz Pitch pose with TJ Chernick, Executive Director.

A mutual benefit that both businesses shared was the goal of ongoing  learning and growth within their businesses. “Everyone wins just by being there,” Keaveny shared. “There is a continuous learning element, and it is just so powerful to be in a community of learners. We received expert feedback from a team who has expert subject matter knowledge.”

The final contest will be held on December 11, 2019. This event, followed by the last M3 of 2019, is the final Biz Pitch contest with winners from the previous rounds competing for the grand prize. You will not want to miss this event!

Michael Venturiello is the founder of Christopher StreetTours, an LGBTQ walking tour company that focuses on making LGBTQ history accessible to all. He is a proud member of nglccNY and sits on the Media and Communications committee.

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