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Non-Profit Spotlight: The Center

Where everyone is celebrated for who they are. The Center is the heart and home of NYC's LGBT community, providing programs for health, wellness and community connection for over 30 years.

The center’s mission has always been to empower LGBT people and build a strong community. One of the key ways in which they showcase their capacity for this is through the Annual Career Fair.

Don’t miss this opportunity to meet with dozens of major employers that value LGBT diversity in the workplace! Explore possibilities for your future while experiencing panels, workshops and networking opportunities.

The 2017 LGBT Career Fair
Thursday, September 28, 2017 
hosted by Presenting Sponsor Citi 
Citi Executive Center, 153 E. 53rd Street, 14th Floor

Whether you’re looking for a job, support with transitioning in the workplace or information on job training options, The Center can help you achieve your professional goals. The career development programs are tailored to the unique needs of LGBT job-seekers.

Economic Empowerment Series
Shine at The Center’s LGBT Career Fair this year! Gain skills, inspiration, connections and more through our Economic Empowerment Series of workshops and events throughout September.

Trans and Gender Non-Conforming (TGNC)
Discrimination places transgender and gender nonconforming communities at high risk of poverty, unemployment, underemployment and homelessness. To directly combat this inequality, The Center offers programs focusing on career exploration, access and advancement, all tailored to the unique needs and challenges of the trans and gender nonconforming community.

Career Advancement for Women
Women in our communities face serious economic challenges related to gender, gender identity and sexual orientation. While women in the United States who work full time are typically paid only 78 cents for every dollar paid to their male counterparts, women in the LGBT community face an even greater income gap. This disparity is felt even more acutely for women of color, women of trans experience and those over 40.
The Center offers programs that women in our communities won't find anywhere else; programs tailored to their unique needs to achieve financial security and explore new opportunities.

Immigrant Services
The Center offers a wide range of services to LGBT immigrants, taking into consideration the unique challenges this community faces. The free, drop-in support group provides a safe, non-judgmental environment where you can connect with other LGBT immigrants and discuss issues related to living in a new country. Also offered is a Social Action Group, through which LGBT immigrants collectively organize events and advocate for the community’s needs and rights. Regardless of your immigration status, the groups are a supportive place to discuss your feelings and experiences.

Supporting The Center
Your generosity helps The Center provide vital programs and services to support our evolving LGBT community. Learn how you can support The Center.

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Written by Ingrid Galvez,

Chair, Diversity & Inclusion and Programming,

Organizational Development Consultant, 

Strategic Remedy Group

Strategic Remedy Group is a certified LGBTBE focused on cultivating collaborative communities to propel business success.

2017: Fall Upcoming Events

Featuring local, state and national events for NGLCC, nglccNY, our Membership and Community Partners. 

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Sean Franklin,
Senior Associate, Media Communications Committee, nglccNY
Experience Producer, Socio

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Socio is a creative, communications and customer experience agency shaping how companies do business. A certified LGBT Business Enterprise. 

Supplier Spotlight: Hootology

Using biometrics, eye-tracking, EEGs, artificial intelligence, creative concepts like creating a mock-reality TV experience, or simply presenting information in an actionable, easily understandable format, this is how Hootology not only differentiates itself but is also how they think differently about the process of collecting information for their clients.  Hootology, an innovative research firm, was founded on the premise that by marrying sound research principles with modern day sensibilities and technology, they can help businesses make smarter strategic decisions.

In 2016 Hootology was founded by Stefanie Francis, Founder & Lead Innovator, and her two business partners Shaelyn McCole and Jose Delgado. 

Stefanie Francis
Founder & Lead Innovator, Hootology

“I fell in love with the concept of quantifying information in business school.  I had a hefty art and humanities background and it felt like the “science” part of the statement, “It is a combination of art and science,” says Stefanie Francis.  “Over time, collecting data through traditional means (i.e. web-based surveys and focus group) began to feel outdated to me.  As my career evolved, I started to wonder if there were better, more modernized ways to go about the process,” she said.

Today, Hootology has the best, brightest and most grounded team doing innovative and interesting work for clients they absolutely love.  They’ve worked with over one-third of the Fortune 100 companies and tech startups on the cutting edge of innovation – so they feel very comfortable in either space.  Typical buyers/decision-makers for Hootology’s services reside in marketing and strategy, however, they’re willing to help anyone in need of information to help make smarter strategic decisions.

One common misconception before sourcing for a research firm is that you must first understand research.  Another is that companies will often initiate a conversation with the type of research they want conducted, before thoroughly thinking through the actual strategic question they’re hoping to have answered.  At Hootology, they help clients take a step back, begin again with the big question at hand, and then design the most thoughtful research approach from there.  The pay-off is in the depth of the information they’re able to help uncover, while allowing clients to remain focused on strategy; less about the weeds of how the information is collected. 

“A vendor who really knows research can explain the process without all of the research jargon, and we pride ourselves in that,” said Francis.

As a recently certified LGBT Business Enterprise (LGBTBE), Hootology is still learning the ropes of supplier diversity.  They learned about supplier diversity through an NBA article about their supplier diversity program and how they were sourcing from NGLCC.  Being Hootology’s leadership has an extensive collective sports business background, they decided to check it out.  As a “newbie” LGBTBE, their greatest challenge seems to be guiding companies from prospective client, to actual clients – newbie or not, I think this is the challenge most of us supplier have and it is just part of the process.

“We appreciate that relationships take time to build and we continue to cherish the opportunity to get to know so many wonderful people and innovative organizations,” says Francis.  “We could not be more thrilled to be part of the family,” she said.

For Francis, it is important to be out in both personal and business.  Coming out in the late 80's/90's was a different age back then.  Like many, she spent years, if not decades, feeling less than different.  To be part of a community of driven, hard-working people that is founded in respect and admiration of what makes us unique, is quite special to her.

Some fun and interesting facts about Stefanie Francis:

  • Currently spends about 85% of her time in NYC.
  • Owns a home in Scottsdale, AZ, which serves as an Airbnb rental. (Contact her for an exclusive "NGLCC Framily" discount).  
  • Volunteers with abused and traumatized kids who she thinks have helped her as much, if not more, than she's helped them.
  • Made a passion project come to life - merit badges for the LGBT folk (SO FUN!). Visit here:
  • Was an art minor in college and still has a kiln and pottery wheel that's used frequently. Friends have received a lot of coffee mugs and bowls as gift they probably didn't need or want and she frets that they probably feel too guilty to throw out.
  • Is technically Pope Francis.  She was ordained (online) by the Universal Life Church to officiate the wedding of two friends that she set up on a blind date.  As pare of the process, you get to choose your ordination title from a drop-down list.  With that last named like Francis, Pope was possible to pass up.  So, if you hire Hootology, you can legally says that the information you based your decision on was validated by Pope Francis. 

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Stefanie Francis

Founder, Hootology

Mobile: 480.685.0639

Interview by 
Gonzo Araya,
Executive Chair, Media Communications Committee, nglccNY
Chief Creative Officer, Socio

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Socio is a creative, communications and customer experience agency shaping how companies do business. A certified LGBT Business Enterprise.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Women Spotlight: Dr. Sharon Melnick, Phd.

Dr. Sharon Melnick, PhD
CEO, Horizon Point, Inc.

Sharon Melnick, PhD and CEO of her firm Horizon Point, Inc. understands the day to day pressures professionals and business owners face. A graduate of Harvard, at which she spent more than 10 years researching her methods on resilience, leadership and success.

Today Dr. Melnick, a highly sought-after speaker, whose presentations are filled with solutions for identifying, addressing the never-ending question of succeeding under stress, rising above self- criticism and the unconscious biases of those around us. As well as how to become resilient as we face challenging situations or environments. Her practical and easily implemented actions empower anyone feeling stressed to take on their challenges in a positive way and step into leadership.

Early this summer I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Melnick and attending her session called “From Chasing Clients to Getting Chased”. Her smooth and easy to follow presentation of the professional & business journey was engaging and captured the attention of every attendee. Each of whose business could not have been more diverse in terms of length of service or type.

Dr. Melnick’s ease is easily the greatest trait of her presentations. Her approach is simple, intentional and results driven. While we have all heard the saying “Fail to Prepare; Prepare to Fail."  Dr. Melnick offers a solution in the form of a toolkit that includes self-check guide to assess actionable items one could implement immediately, short-term and long -term. Within her session one can shift from reactive to proactive. She takes the key tenet of “controlling the controllable” to a new level that those in attendance learn how to be centered, grounded and stand out as leaders under pressure.

While her client list is a who’s who of Fortune 500, she often speaks of what I like to call “stepping into leadership” for everyone in business. She coaches emerging leaders in business and women.

She has taught her effectiveness techniques at the School of Management at Boston College, and at Fortune 500 companies and non-profit organizations. Her training is from Yale University, UC Berkeley, Harvard Medical School, and the Institute for Management Studies. Her company, Horizon Point, Inc. is an NGLCC certified diverse supplier.

3 ways Clients benefit from working with Dr. Melnick:
  1. Speeches and presentations on Success under Stress, Resilience during Change, or Confident Influential Leadership for Women. Presentations are based on her books Success under Stress and Confidence when it Counts and are delivered in-person or via webinar. You and your colleagues can learn these award-winning skillsets to be more effective, focused, and productive when the pressure’s on.
  2. Confident Influential Leadership for corporate professionals seeking advancement or greater influence. This program is delivered in individual or virtual group. Confident Influential Leader coaching program for women.
  3. From Chasing Clients to Getting Chased. Designed for Service Professionals and Business Owners who want to create or shift the relationships they currently have with current/potential clients. Dr. Melnick shares her story and how she became the “go to expert” This program is offered individually or as part of the "Get Chased Mentoring Program.”
To learn more about the ways your business may benefit from Dr. Melnick’s programs email her at or visit

Written by Ingrid Galvez,
Chair, Diversity & Inclusion and Programming,

Organizational Development Consultant, 
Strategic Remedy Group

Strategic Remedy Group is a certified LGBTBE focused on cultivating collaborative communities to propel business success.