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Member Spotlight: Matt Monath Photography

Matt Monath is a celebrity portraiture, beauty, fashion, lifestyle, still-life and travel photographer based out of NYC. Matt's work often involves his signature colorful aesthetic, consistently delivering bold, impactful imagery for advertising and editorial clients. Matt recently became a Certified LGBTBE with the Chamber. I was fortunate enough to find some time with Matt and got to know more about him and his business.

Tell me a bit about Matt and how photography came to play in your life.

I’ve always considered myself an artistic person. I picked up some photo classes in college in upstate New York, and fell in love with it, in particular in-studio portraiture, fashion, and beauty. Straight out of college, I jumped into three internships at once, each to hone in on different aspects of photography, as I found my place in the industry. Through that time, my work transformed — I began to photograph actual models and celebrities, and graduated from photographing my friends. That’s when I really started to feel like a professional. I had found my aesthetic — a vivid and saturated approach to portraiture, fashion, and beauty, with a blast of color. 

Matt Monath, Photographer
Matt Monath Photography

You market yourself as a “Celebrity Portraiture, fashion, and beauty photographer”. For the less savvy, what does that mean?

The goal of a celebrity photoshoot is to capture an image that really represents who the subject is. It’s always fun with a celebrity because they come to the table with something — they already have a personality that so many people are familiar with, which I can choose to tap into. Or sometimes, the fun of it comes from showing that this person is really just like you and me, especially in the few minutes we spend together during a session, whether you’re seeing these images in a magazine, on a billboard, or on social media.

As for fashion, I’m hired by a brand or publication, and the goal is to bring a mood to the fashion being photographed. It’s about the person wearing the photos, where they’re going, what they’re doing in the clothes, and the story that the clothing tells.

As for beauty, it’s all about the face — featuring beautiful faces in stunning makeup.

You reside and do business in one of the photography capitals of the world, why do prospecting clients choose you; why do existing clients come back?

My aesthetic has helped define me as a photographer, and makes my work stand out of the crowd. The bold and colorful look of my portraiture, fashion, and beauty work, is usually what clients are seeking. This mood in my work helps marry all of these various genres of photography found within my work.

Aside from portraiture, fashion, and beauty, my work also consists of food, still-life, travel, and lifestyle imagery, so clients see that my work caters to various asks.

Your bio at mattmonath.com lists many great brands and celebrities. Name one celebrity experience that was most memorable to you and why?

Whenever I photograph a musician, I’m so careful about having the perfect soundtrack, to the point of looking up their influences and favorite artists, but making sure I don’t play any of their music. There was one day that I was photographing Rita Ora, for iHeartRadio, and I had my perfect playlist all queued up. I’m not sure how it happened, but one of her hit songs ended up on that playlist, and came on during our shoot. I was horrified, because I tried to keep my love for this song a secret. Turns out it was serendipitous, and I got the perfect shot during our sing-along dance party. 

Being in business with great success for so many years, why the need or interest in recently becoming LGBTBE certified?

I’m proud to be part of the LGBT community, and I want that to translate into my professional business as well. Being LGBTBE certified gives me the opportunity meet likeminded people, and align my work with that of those that I share this community with. Being gay in the photography industry has honestly only helped me along the way, and it’s exciting to meet others who can say the same for their business, especially now with the NGLCC connecting us.

At NGLCC/NGGLCNY, we believe in creating a sustainable supply chain of certified suppliers. How could other certified LGBTBEs, perhaps another photographer or non-photographer, partner with you?

In the photography industry, it’s largely about who you know. Photographers are always supporting each other — passing along jobs, and referring each other to clients, etc. I’m also always looking within the LGBT community for creatives to collaborate with to make some great imagery for clients, or looking for clients themselves that I can lend my services to. 

OK, lets get personal – How does Matt Monath, “Celebrity Portraiture, Fashion, and Beauty photographer” pass his down time?

My down time is spent traveling, cuddling with my rescue pup Mason, binge watching TV shows, and going on adventures in the sunshine with my fiancé Matt. Matt and I will be getting married in June 2017. I can't wait! #TheMatts

After all, this is a B2B forum – Provide some examples of how/why would a potential corporate partner source for your services.

A potential partner would be interested in exciting content created for their business. Whether it's a fashion shot for their clothing brand, a portrait of a celebrity for their publication, lifestyle shots for their website, beauty shots for their portfolio, food shots for their restaurant’s Instagram, head shots for their team, or product shots for a campaign, we can collaborate to make some impactful imagery. 

Portfolios can be found on my website at www.MattMonath.com, as well as a client list. 

Potential clients can also see some of my work at @MattMonathPhoto on Instagram.

Interview by 
Gonzo Araya,
Executive Chair, Media Communications Committee, NGLCCNY
Partner, Socio

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