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Collaborative Procurement, Time Warner Global Sourcing

Time Warner is a very inclusive environment to work in and they make it so deliberately; so our engagement with all communities, including LGBT communities, is reflective of that…it is part of our culture,” stated Time Warner’s Executive Director of Global Sourcing and Supplier Diversity, Clint Grimes*.

Clint has been in the role of driving Time Warner’s supplier diversity efforts for a year and half, but has spent almost 12 years in the procurement department. He said as a media and entertainment company striving to reach a vast audience, the company’s content is naturally compelling and diverse: “We are looking to go beyond that, irrespective of what is on the screen and what is happening behind the camera or behind the scenes; making sure that each is equally diverse.”

Clint Grimes
Executive Director of Global Sourcing & Supplier Diversity
Time Warner

Time Warner owns HBO, a company that Clint referred to as the rebel network: one with the most structured and focused engagement of the LGBT community. 

“HBO fundamentally believes in the value of all people and the value of all people’s stories and the ability to communicate all people’s stories in a rich, thoughtful and engaging manner…and they are knocking it out of the park.” 

Clint said one of his goals for 2016 is to continue to drive increased engagement of LGBTBE’s across the enterprise.

December 2015 marked the company’s official launch of titled broader collaborative procurement organization: ‘Time Warner Global Sourcing.’ This group has combined resources from TW’s procurement organizations in New York City with those at Warner Brothers in California and Turner Broadcasting in Atlanta. This action furthers the progress that began almost 12 years ago when procurement grew from individual divisionally-focused procurement teams to a more comprehensive umbrella department with corporate- and divisional-level responsibilities. Clint said with its proven value, the procurement department has expanded its areas of focus across the organization: “What we bring from a procurement perspective is the disciplined process of supplier selection, and within that, the diverse suppliers included in that process.” 

The LGBT community is one of the communities that Time Warner focuses on, so Clint said it was a natural step to become a corporate partner with the NGLCCNY

“The NGLCC certification and the growth of that activity has enabled us to be a bit more concerted and focused in our efforts to attract and engage LGBTBE’s in the process; and as that set of suppliers grows, the opportunities for us to include them and have that counted grows as well.” 

Clint also sits on the Women Business Enterprise National Council national board of directors as well as the National Minority Supplier Development Council board, and he believes that if New York State follows Massachusetts with its statewide LGBTBE contracting initiative, it will drive even more desire for companies to become certified.

From a supplier diversity standpoint, Clint said certification is immensely important: “The bigger the database from the NGLCC, the more useful it is going to be for us, and the more opportunity we have to put LGBTBE’s in the process, getting connected with them and getting to know them.” Clint said that the best thing a new diverse supplier can do for themselves is really showcase everything they have to offer to Time Warner rather than focus on one specific attribute. In 2016, Clint says Time Warner wants to continue networking, capacity building and having more conversations with small business owners: 

“A year from now I want to have a better handle in those spaces where I know there is currently a lack of diverse suppliers in our database,” he said. “Diversity for us covers content, supply base and employees, so we monitor, measure and pay attention to all three of these.” 

On a personal level, Clint grew up in Arkansas and graduated from a high school class of 90 students:

“I had no idea when I was finishing high school where life was going to lead…I just knew that I wanted to see things. I made a point to really work hard in high school to be able to get the opportunity to go somewhere interesting like MIT.” 

After earning his mechanical engineering degree from MIT, Clint worked in the automotive industry as an engineer for Saturn. He subsequently obtained his MBA from the University of Michigan Ross School of Business. He then moved to New York City and his resume since includes stints in supply chain consulting, an internet startup, and the US arm of Dutch grocer Ahold. He said that the collection of these activities ultimately led him to Time Warner.

Clint enjoys seeing different parts of the world. He and his husband Alvaro have permanent residency status in Argentina, and maintain a residence in Buenos Aires. They make extended visits there twice a year. He has also spent time working in Germany and France, and has backpacked through Europe: “I’ve had a lot of adventures and opportunities to see things that have broadened my perspective and have given me a set of experiences that I pull from all the time..”

*Clint Grimes is the Executive Director Procurement and Supplier Diversity for Time Warner. In that role, he is responsible for the development and execution cross-divisional procurement strategies across Time Warner’s 3 major Divisions (HBO, Turner Broadcasting, and Warner Bros.). In addition he drives Time Warner’s overall Supplier Diversity strategy, coordinating the activities of a group of Supplier Diversity professionals within each Division and managing collection and communication of performance metrics across the enterprise.

Clint joined Time Warner from AholdUSA, the US arm of the $70 Billion Dutch-owned global grocery conglomerate. As the Director of Sourcing Services, he led a group of sourcing professionals in addressing the sourcing needs of the individual operating companies, including sourcing process management, tools selections and deployment, and savings measurement and tracking.

Prior to Ahold, Clint was a Director with ICG Commerce (a consulting/ outsourced sourcing services provider now part of Accenture), a consultant with A.T.Kearney Management Consultants, and an automotive design engineer for Saturn Corporation (the small car division General Motors).

Clint holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.), and an MBA from the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business. 

Written by Ashley Bellman,
Corporate Journalist, Media Communications Committee.

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