Thursday, November 5, 2015

Rivendell Media, Leading Experts in LGBT Media

“We make it simple, easy, and profitable for clients to reach out to the LGBT consumer,” stated Rivendell Media President and CEO Todd Evans.

Leading experts in LGBT media since its 1979 inception, Rivendell represents 95 percent of gay and lesbian media in the United States and Canada for national advertising: “we provide the information so that you can have a successful experience with gay media,” Todd said.

Todd Evans, President and CEO
Rivendell Media

Rivendell Media is a tier one Certified LGBT Business Enterprise (LGBTBE) and member of the NGLCC, since 2007. Todd said his experience as a business in the chamber has been invaluable: “It’s the ultimate networking group out there, and being a gay media professional in business, it’s been super for us as far as developing the relationships for national advertisers. It’ s great to be included with them and have opportunities to network with them,” Todd stated.

Rivendell is mostly working behind the scenes as a business-to-business company:
“You see us in the masthead of a gay publication, or you see us if you are an ad agency.” Todd said events with the NGLCCNY, like the recent annual leadership conference which happened to be in Florida, allow Rivendell to actually meet the people behind the advertisements they place.

“We can usually save an agency up to three employees with the work that we do for them,” Todd stated. Their client’s include Advertising Agencies who place auto brands like Mercedes; pharmaceutical companies with a focus on HIV; and spirit companies like Absolut Vodka, who they started doing business with way back in 1980: “Absolut is one of the few companies that has always been ahead of the cutting edge, yet still always maintained a present with all venues of gay media.” Absolut Vodka also introduced Todd to his husband Jeffery: “It’s my oldest customer…and then I end up marrying one of the new VPs years later,” he said. Rivendell also works regularly with a number of NGLCC Corporate Partners including Founding Corporate Partners like Wells Fargo and American Airlines as well PNC Bank, and Target: “These NGLCC partners help lead us to the proper channels and make our efforts in sales much more effective,” Todd stated.

With a focus on simplifying the advertising process for the benefit of the client, Todd doubled sales every year at Rivendell from when he took over in 1994 to 2001, and the company has had double-digit growth for the past three consecutive years.

“My greatest joy in this business is seeing how far it has come.” Todd said he never thought things would have progressed this far in his lifetime in terms of equal rights and marriage. “The number one question I used to be asked before getting involved in a particular campaign was, ‘what is the backlash like?’…now I don’t get that question,” Todd said people are finally understanding that there is no backlash to placing an advertisement in an LGBT publication. “I’m just waiting for one company to rise to the top and say ‘we are going to go after it in a big way,’” Todd said his dream clients would be a company like Starbucks or Apple: both brands that have realized the LGBT consumer is beneficial to their brand, but have yet to act on that information.  “The rewards would be huge,” he said. “I’d love to see that before I leave Rivendell.

Todd is a huge animal lover and an avid environmentalist. When he isn’t working, you can find him doing some sort of clean community activity, perhaps cleaning up litter on Route 22 in Mountainside, New Jersey the highway that Rivendell is based on or helping with Best Friends, a local animal rescue.

Written by Ashley Bellman,
Corporate Journalist, Media Communications Committee.

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