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Topher Scott Photography Helping Brands Bring Life & Fun to Images

Fascinated by the art that surrounded him growing up in New Orleans, Topher Scott saw life through a rose colored lens, giving him a perspective that he has turned into a business. As founder and principal photographer of Topher Scott Photography in New York City, Topher produces commercial imagery for fashion advertising and luxury interior brands: “I am determined to reveal that best shot for every person and I have confidence that I will get that shot,” he said.

Topher got his start with documentary filmmaking while pursing a Bachelor’s degree in Film + Communication Arts. After working with film director and mentor Julie Gustafson, Topher released a 15-minute documentary called “Drag Family Inn” in 2007. The film explored the lives of three LGBT entertainers in a post Hurricane Katrina New Orleans: “They are entertaining and charismatic, barely surviving financially, but they perform, and they just want to be happy. They went through the storm. You identify with them because we all went through that together,” Topher stated.

Topher later obtained a master’s degree in still photography from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco before moving to New York City in 2010: “I moved into this place where people hired me for my vision,” Topher said. “They hire me to help them direct creative campaign quality visual assets that fully realize their brand spirit and produce concrete marketing results.”

Some of Topher’s recent clients include Nike, Elle, Shopstyle, Laundry Service, Bloomingdale’s, and Bluefy; and his work has been published in Elle, Brazilian Vogue, and Women’s Wear Daily. Topher said he owes his success to his love for partnering with brands and connecting with people. That, and the fact that he is a self proclaimed “digital nerd.”

“I have speed on my side,” Topher said. “Everyone is fast now because everything is digital; but that’s not enough — photographers really have to have an extra edge. I offer that extra edge by partnering with innovative tech brands like Phase One, who makes the leading capture tethering software. Using this software, we are able to see our assets in real time on a screen as I shoot them and instantly critique them. In other words, the client gets to actively engage and curate the direction of the shoot with me, reducing retouching time and making final implementation that much faster and smoother.”

Image by Topher Scott Photography©

Image by Topher Scott Photography©

Topher recently became a member at of the NGLCCNY, is in the process of becoming a Certified LGBTBE, and has joined the MediaComs Committee, led by Gonzo Araya, where he hopes to help implement more social engagement: “I want to help brands and NGLCCNY members understand the power of digital assets and how to maximize capturing assets that really are worth their time and money.” He said he wants to educate members how to get the most out of any photoshoot, and potentially offer discounted photo rates to members to help boost their brands. “Images do have power, and because of all the technology, a lot of the rules have changed.” For that reason, Topher said it is essential to bring life and fun to his photo sessions to ensure capturing authenticity in his subjects. He recently shot the NGLCCNY Executive Committee for the rollout of the new rebrand. You can visit these shots on the NGLCCNY website here.

Image by Topher Scott Photography©

Image by Topher Scott Photography©

Shifting our focus to Topher Scott on a more personal level, the photographer has a passion for music and travel; but don’t expect to see him snapping photos on his trips: “I like to be immersed in travel experiences — I think it’s very important for me as an artist to be present when I am not working so I get inspired and recharged. It enriches my perspective when I am behind a camera for a client.” That being said, it is also one of Topher’s dreams to do more work in foreign settings like China or Japan and connect with brands that are not necessarily from the US to add a unique cultural diversification to his art.

To learn more about Topher, see some of his work, or to set up a photoshoot, head to topherscott.nyc. To see his work in action click here!

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Written by Ashley Bellman,
Corporate Journalist, Media Communications Committee.

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