Sunday, March 29, 2015

Accelerate Your Passion

For an ambitious college student, it’s a paid, microinternship that doesn’t require travel, relocation, or coffee runs. For an employer, it’s a way to get actual work accomplished and find future personnel.  

“It’s a way for students to be test driving careers while they are still in college,” according to TestTracks co-founder, Tony Ray Meyer.

Tony Ray Meyer and Rich Mangione started TestTracks two years ago. The program was initially exclusive to students at Harvard, Tony and Rich’s alma mater, as well as Georgetown, Duke, Berkeley, and Carnegie Melon. This spring, TestTracks will be accessible to students from any college across the country.

“It’s a low commitment way to test out if you want to go into fields like entertainment, finance, or consulting; and for companies, it’s helping them find students…especially from colleges that they may not be recruiting from already,” Meyer stated.

Unlike the traditional eight week internship, the microinternship is a virtual project that can take students anywhere from one to twenty hours to complete. Interns get paid fifteen dollars an hour, and a taste at tackling tasks that would be commonplace in their first year at the company: “You are getting good money but you are also able to build a resume,” Meyer said.

In his spare time, Meyer works with two groups, Education in Motion and After-School All-Stars. Both groups are dedicated to helping junior high and high school level students stay involved and learn a wide range of skills from math to martial arts. In true TestTracks fashion, students can take part in miniature microinternships to illustrate the relevance of their classroom curriculum in the real world. For example, students can apply their math lessons to a stock-trading project, and then take a trip to the New York Stock Exchange.

Shortly after joining NGLCCNY,TestTracks became a Certified LGBTBE via NGLCC last July; Meyer’s experience so far has helped him start discussions with corporate partners interested in both helping and getting involved with TestTracks: “The Supplier Diversity teams have been fantastic in terms of helping put us in contact with the right people inside their organizations, helping us to start building the relationships we need as we grow our client base. […] Now we know where we need to be going and what metrics these companies care about; and the NGLCC was really great in helping us get to that spot,” Meyer stated.

TestTracks will be leading a panel with two corporate members and two other LGBTE’s at the August NGLCC International Conference in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Meyer will be discussing millennial recruiting, and the benefit of businesses taking on college students.

Since high school, Meyer has enjoyed getting involved and staying active in meaningful organizations. He believes the NGLCCNY is the perfect platform to promote social action from a corporate standpoint. Plus, in a business designed to help young people, being a member sets a great example: “I think students are really excited to see that when you leave college, idealism doesn’t die, that working for a big company in a cubical doesn’t mean you have to give up everything you believe, and I think that’s really exciting,” he said.   

Companies that wish to participate in TestTracks can reach out to Tony at Let the microinternship process begin! 

Written by Ashley Bellman,
Corporate Journalist, Media Communications Committee.

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